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  3. I found this: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1938965/old-grudges-first-impression-heroes-trojan-wars-sc If no one else speaks up this scenario appears to need some rework. The Greek player should be able to swap someone for Achilles at a minimum. Also they need a ranged hero badly.
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  5. Played this one today and it seemed horrible stacked against the Greek Army. I hope I'm just played some rules wrong. First of all as the Trojans, I got an altar first turn and an an altar second turn with Penthesilea with the Amazons in tow, pretty much before the Greeks could mount any decent response. 2 stones were left behind and Paris absorbed those on the 2nd turn. At this point it's just a battle for the other side of the board. I managed to reduce the Argonauts to 3 during this. Shortly afterward Penthesilea made it up a rock and was out. Now having burned a lot of Art of War cards, a stall begins on the Trojan side. The Greeks get deployed and put the hurt Mymidons and kill Paris. Heracles manages to claim the apples. I spend a lot turns passing just trying to get Hercules to get a move on. Achilles and Hercules prove very very hard to hurt. At this point on rereading the Greek player should have been going for Mighty Throw to shake some apples loose. However, the retaliations from Hercules and Achilles pretty much wiped out any shot the Greek player due to their damage ability. Hippolyta was the only one really holding her own. The Amazons made it up on a rock and just worked on poaching. Question 1) If the other side has no ranged units left and you perch some on a rock is it really just easy pickings with no ability for the otherside to respond? Question 2) Does this really come down to mighty throw shaking apples loose between the sides? Question 3) What are the Greek strengths that could be brought to bear to slow down the advance? It seems it would be better if they had a few units with Block.
  6. I missed the original Kickstarter and am having great trouble obtaining the King pledge game which seems to be the one to have with the new scenarios showing up in the Sourcebook. Here in the UK very few show on ebay and when they do they are either going for silly money or are snapped up quickly. So with that said I would love to see all existing material (King pledge, the three big expansions and smaller ones too) reprinted as soon as possible, or maybe offered as add-ons on the 2020 Kickstarter. I'm certain that with so few reprints being done in the last few years and with the popularity of the game increasing, that a full reprint would be in Monolith's interest to get as many players onboard, especially as they will be expanding the game next year. I for one wouldn't be able to take part in the next Kickstarter if I don't have access to the main game! Regarding new material. I think all of my favourites have already been mentioned, but maybe an expansion for each kingdom similar to the Khitai, Nordheim and Stygia ones that have already been done. This would give access to new characters and make use of Conan's different occupations, (Thief, Mercenary, Pirate etc.) tying up with the books that have been produced. Lastly, any chance Monolith have permission to use characters from the Marvel/Dark Horse comics or are they just limited to the REH stories? I'm finished now, but please think of all us players who still don't have access to the original game and miniatures. I'd love to join in the fun!
  7. Nicely done. She seems to have a quite stern expression. Really interesting. And, as Belkar used to say to Roy: « I hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go. » *cough*
  8. I love this! I wanted to paint him metal, but couldn't gather up the courage, so I blended flesh color and metal together. I'm not really happy with the result. Looking at yours, I think I might go back and redo him.
  9. I think you mean ZB and ZC who share a letter dans not ZA. The letter is here for 2 kinds of LoS : Disambiguation - the LoS is valid but there is wall so they add the letter to confirm that the LoS is valid Add exceptions - a LoS which is not allowed because a wall is crossed but with the difference of levels, the designer wants to have a LoS between these 2 zones. The potential explanation is that ZB and ZC are more elevated than ZA. About how can you know without the tool, just by following the 3 steps in my precedent message : An orange line between the 2 zones, a LoS exists. A letter is shared, a LoS exists. A line which doesn't cross a wall can be drawn between the 2 centers, a LoS exists. (To see what is called a wall, you can look at the map rules at the end of mission book) And if you think it's sometimes tricky (Like the Z-D one), the LoS tool is here for that 😉
  10. Thanks for answering Pamplerousse! What I don't understand is why ZD and ZC share a letter but not ZA, when the situation looks pretty similar. I mean, if I don't use the tool, how would I know? The criteria used for sharing or not a letter. Thank you again!
  11. Hello, I was in summer vacation. Sorry for the delay. (I'm not an employee of Monolith, I'm doing it on my spare time). @Johnnymaxx About the elevation informations, we plan to do something from the start but it takes some times. I'll write here when I have more informations about that. @Carquinyoli About the subway map , 1) Z-D LoS touch the wall, even if it's just a little, it's how the rule works, that's why Z-D is wrong and Z-between the 2 wagons is right. 2)There are 3 ways to have a LoS : - 1) Separated by an orange line It's not OK for Z-A line - 2) Centers of zone share a letter It's not OK for Z-A line - 3) You can draw a line between the 2 centers without crossing a wall Z-A line cross a wagon wall, so it's not ok. So there are no LoS between Z and A For Z-B and Z-C, a letter is shared. All the boards have been double checked by Monolith but a mistake can still be there. For these LoS, the tool is right, it has been confirmed by Monolith. If you have an other question, please ask me.
  12. I went for Alice Cooper eyes. He moonlights in a glam rock band.
  13. Found some shots in my photo file:
  14. Earlier
  15. Still have some touch-ups to do, and then need to hit him with some matte varnish, but I figured he’s close enough to finished to share a couple pics. Along with some of the Cthulhu Wars ‘minis’, he’s definitely the largest figure I’ve painted. Tons of fun to paint something so large that I can actually paint the eyes decently.
  16. Nice one, @garbetsp! About priming when the weather is too hot, I've made the same mistake too, and that's really annoying.
  17. I really enjoyed painting this one. However, never never spray prime in a heat wave--disappointingly bumpy.
  18. The leader of the Zuagirs... that is until Conan was picked up on this cross. What does your Vladislav looks like?
  19. Well done, @rhogg27184! I'm looking forward of what you'll do with the expansions miniatures.
  20. Nice work @rhogg27184! Keep at it, it’s always a great feeling for me when I wrap up painting a game. I just finished up the core box for Mythic Battles, so I can at least try it out finally (whenever the 1.5 update gets to me). I still have a lot of minis to do for MB, since there were so many stretch goals. I didn’t get any of the expansions though, other than Corinthia, or else I’d be a long way from done!
  21. A couple more finished, 10 models to paint and my king pledge is completely finished. Then onto small box expansions.
  22. I am so glad this forum exists. Trolling on the Kickstarter platform is out of control, discussion here is still rational. Overlord, please make sure to swiftly kick trolls out of here!
  23. I guess the problem comes from the fact I've renamed (sic!) the picture in my gallery. I give it another try.
  24. I see a broken link. Server problems?
  25. Here's a picture of the unnamed sorcerer from the King's Pledge: Have you painted yours? What does he looks like?
  26. I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
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