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Custom Campaign - A Haunted Mind 1.0.0

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I'm posting this here, as it involves a chain of scenarios as well as a custom rule set; I didn't see an option to post such a thing in the editor.


My players loved "The Devil in Iron" and asked for another campaign with continuing characters and experience building.  I didn't see anything similar immediately available so I set to work crafting my own.  Included in the files are the core rules, based off of the same system, but with unlockable characters, modular scenarios, and even custom spells.  They've already worked their way through 7 of the 12 (8 was dropped) scenarios and have been helping me balance each adventure. 


I hope these make their way into the hands of other Conan fans to enjoy while we wait for the new Kickstarter to ship.



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If you'd like to post it, that might be useful.  When I did so the file size was a bit cumbersome.  I hope you had a chance to look through the content and enjoy the ideas!


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Wonderful, and a great job.

I have some questions about the new format:


a. After scenario 1, the number of heroes on the scenario sheets is always 1, as in the original single scenarios. I guess this number must be 4 heroes on all scenarios?

b. In scenario 4, "A stranger in a strange land", the heros can unlock Heracles, and this hero was described in the original rules. In the new Campaign book, Heracles is only mentioned in the scenario, but not in the recruits section, where - instead - Constantius is mentioned as a new recruit. I guess we should substitute Heracles with Constantius in that scenario?

In order to play with Constantius, I suggest that some text of the scenario should be changed

Introduction: change the text into: "By Taramis, that's some strong mead!"  The heavy muscled man slammed his cup onto the bar.  "Now, about this adventure you spoke of.  I won't have traveling companions that don't know how to have a thunderous good time.  Why, when I battled whith my Shemite mercenaries...." His words trailed on as the companions reluctantly paid for another round.  The foreigner was renowned for his brutal force, but was proving to be an expensive recruitment.  If they wanted to be successful drastic measures might need to be taken. 


Note: I changed Zeus into Taramis, the queen Constantius so much desired. Also, there was no Hydra in Constantius' world, so I changed that text phrase too. I was tempted to change mead into beer, but that drink is not expensive - instead of mead, which should be a rare and expensive drink. Some physical properties are also changed, to describe Constantius appearance.


Objectives: change the text into:
Heroes: If the Heroes consume 6 drinks with Constantius by the end of the the 9th round, the Heroes win the game.  Constantius is unlocked as a playable character.

Overlord: If the Overlord prevents the heroes from consuming 6 drinks by the end of the 9th round, the Overlord wins the game.  Constantius exits the bar seeking adventure elsewhere and the heroes do not cross paths with him again.


c. On page 4 of the new Campaign book, Constantius is introduced as a new hero, but there are no cards for this hero provided in the 'Cards to print' section on page 29. Although you can make these cards yourself, if would be a good idea to add the Constantius level cards also to the Cards to print section.

d. A suggestion: if you make a new version of the Campaign book, it would be nice that the campaignbook provides also a table of contents and a pagenumbering

e. Minor nitpicking: the Cards to print gives me a bit old yellowed impression of the cards, a whiter shade of pale [sic!] background should be better, I guess. 


In the attachment you find a new tilesheet, you can print it on A4 paper, choose a thick paper to make solid cards.


A Haunted Mind Campaign (2020)_Tilesheets.pdf

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