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  1. You are right. We didn't explicitly cover that. I apologize for the ambiguity. It's not a super critical item and there is another one available in scenario 2, so it won't hurt to be hard on the losing Heroes. I'd encourage you to place the lost Crown in a chest in another scenario and give the Heroes a 2nd chance at finding it. If you can get the Overlord to agree to that.
  2. I like the red and blue that you chose!
  3. - Zaporavo is not a Hero and cannot be targeted by the Overlord. - Zaporavo moves normally. He is affected by Hindering and Blocking. - If all the Heroes are killed, you lose. 🙂 See the Defeat section in the solo/co-op rule book. - Yes, the Hero player has to choose the area because there is no Overlord player. So the player picks which area Zogar Teleports into.
  4. Hello, For bullet 1- Zogar moves 1 space- to an area adjacent to the hut, outside of it. For bullet 4- you are exactly correct. Thanks for checking out the scenario. I hope you enjoy it.
  5. These are great. Very useful. I spend a lot of time answering or reminding players about these rules. Now I can just tap the card. 😉
  6. Those sou d like some good ideas! Good luck!
  7. Right on. Definately need a way to get through that armor. Even Conan with a good weapon will struggle to consistently damage a creature with Armor that high. Most other characters won't even come close. As mentioned a scenario specific rule to reduce the armor might be needed. Otherwise something like the Withering spell from the KS Stretch Goal pack would be useful. In a scenario with no special rules a 3 armor with a decent amount of Life Points makes for a challenging enemy. Take a look at some scenarios with the Dark Demon for reference.
  8. @AndronicusVII I have Batman coming soon. I'll definately be messing around with that when I get the chance.
  9. A common perception of the scenarios for Conan is that they are inflexible and if you start swapping Heroes or enemies that it hopeless wrecks the game. I have written a few scenarios and that is exactly what scenario writing is- swapping Heroes and enemies in and out until you find something that works. (I posted some of this on BGG in response to such a concern) I really don't feel that the scenarios are as strict as they seem. I've successfully subbed Heroes on multiple occasions. The thing to watch out for is scenario breaking skills. Be cautious about adding Hero with Evasive or Circular Strike for example to a scenario. Those are the main two. A character with a higher movement might be a concern if the objective is "escape the board". If Circular Strike is an issue, downgrade the weapon. I've subbed Amboola for Belit a number of times when a younger boy didn't want to "play as a girl" Most Conans are close enough to swap freely. Olgerd, Constantius or Thak make good stand ins for Conan. Taurus for Shevatas is fairly close and would up the difficulty for the Heroes if the players want an extra challenge. I even subbed Yogah for Belit one time and the scenario played fine. I know it's not perfect or even recommended by Monolith but I'd say it's worth experimenting with. I think even some Overlord tiles can be swapped with out too much impact. Crossbowmen or Pict Archers for Bossonian Archers. Pirates, Skeletons and Belit's Guards are close. enough. Bossonian Guards and Honor Guards aren't too different even all the various demons in the Stretch goals are very close. Just, again, keep an eye on the skills- Pict Warriors with Blocking might disrupt a scenario. EDIT: I think almost any Overlord spell caster can be swapped with very little impact. I think it's worth it to mess around with swapping anyway. Food for thought. I don't think the system is as inflexible as it might seem. Not easy, perfect or recommended by Monolith- but not impossible and potentially very fun in my experience. So I messed around with it and ended up re-skinning the classic scenario "In the Clutches of the Picts" to use the Nordheim, Giant Wolves and Vanir Valkyrie expansions. I played it twice. It had similar results to my many play through of In the Clutches of the Picts. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I included some re-design ideas in the PDF. I just put my changes in the file, you'll still have to use the Overlord book for the rest of the special rules and such. In the Clutches of the Vanir.pdf
  10. After writing and posting a number of homemade scenarios for Monolith's Conan, and being involved with 2 projects with The Nemedian Chroniclers, I thought that it may be helpful to others, who are interested in writing their own scenarios, to share a few thoughts and lessons learned. I firmly believe that scenario writing is the over looked "other half" of the game. It has the potential to extend the life of your game indefinitely and to get use out of content that might be considered underutilized. As the King Pledge seems to be taking a backseat to the Retail Core Box, I feel there is a great opportunity for fans to step in and help each other get the most out of their games. And the recent uptick in interest in the Retail Core Box also presents itself as opportunity. It's win-win for scenario writers! I encourage you to not let you game sit on the shelf and collect dust while waiting for the next awesome official release! As Matt John would say- "Grab an oar dog!" (This is an updated and expanded version of an article I posted back in 2017. I've written a few more since than and definately learned some lessons.) Mighty Happenings and Great Deeds.pdf
  11. I've been enjoying it. It's good entertainment. I love pure Conan and have volumes of it. But Savage Avengers is just plain fun. I wrote a couple Monolith Conan scenarios inspired by Savage Avengers. I match each Avenger to a Conan Hero and use Heroclix for the figures. For example, Niord is a nice fill in for Wolverine. High defense for the healing factor and Ambidextrous for the claws. So the scenarios play ad a regular Conan game or as a Savage Avengers reskin.
  12. @Calumma Sub objectives is another great idea. Have you ever tried writing a scenario? If not, you ought to give it a try. Here's a great website that you can easily edit and format scenarios. I'd be willing to follow along with your progress and playtest. You have great ideas, maybe give them a try see how they play out. If nothing else, you'll gain a little insight into what we do and maybe a whole new perspective on the game. 🙂 https://www.conan-scenarios.com
  13. @Calumma Thanks for the feedback and ideas! I'll try my best to respond- 1. The negative "boon" is a great idea. I think we will definitely be in touch with you on this for our next big campaign. This was definitely a "why didn't we think of that" moment for me. Looking forward to trying this idea out. 2. This is complicated and subject to debate, even within our ranks. We desire to make content that will be used. We don't want to waste time on something that won't be. The most efficient use of our time is to focus on material that everyone has. The Retail Core Box. However, we also like to play with all of our toys. I think that you will see a good mix coming from us as time goes on. Maybe a Retail project is next. Lots of folks have inquired about that. I think it's important for folks to speak up like you have done. So, thank you, your perspective here is noted. 3. I print at Office Depot and am happy with the quality. I punch holes and put it in a 3 ring binder. The cardstock there isn't the best, but I'm also at the limit of what I want to pay to have material printed. I agree, printing from home isn't a great option, I'd recommend a local print shop or like Staples or Office Depot. (I live in the US, so that's what I'm familiar with) 4. I can't speak for the other guys- but I am excited about the new content. The new maps, Dragon and Black Ones are sure to be used. It's just too early to tell how. We haven't really discussed our next Nemedian Chroniclers project yet. But I am thrilled that these items are getting wider availability, that means we can be more confident that if the Chroniclers write for those components that the scenarios will be more widely used. So stay tuned. 😉 Thanks again.
  14. At long last The Nemedian Chroniclers are pleased to present our latest project.
  15. Yes, the 3 big expansions are needed for the upcoming Chronicles of Vengeance project. But stay tuned here for future projects. We have been hearing the call for more scenarios using just the corebox, so that is probably next on our list. Stay tuned!
  16. I'd be remiss not to mention our brother in arms @Neil Amswych @Footballzs and @gmanrocks whose help, past and present has been invaluable.
  17. "Know, oh Prince...." Welcome to the Nemedian Chroniclers hub! The Nemedian Chroniclers are an Overlord Community group that are passionate about creating quality fan made content for Conan by Monolith. Our first project was Whispers from Stygia. Our goal is to produce engaging, well playtested, visually pleasing, and downloadable scenarios for both the Adventure Mode and the Solo/ Co-Op Mode found in the Monolith Sourcebook. Here, in this thread, we hope to create a place to share ideas, roll out information about our projects and maybe even form new creative teams for future projects. Everything produced by the Nemedian Chroniclers will be "UNOFFICIAL". However, he hope to become a name you can trust for top-notch, well designed material. Chronicles of Vengeance is our next project. It's a six part solo/co-op campaign that features villains as the Heroes and the mysterious new Summoner archetype. Coming soon! The Nemedian Chroniclers are @Matt John S @Ken @Primeval @drmauric
  18. The latest installment of my Savage Avengers series of scenarios for Conan by Monolith is available to download. This one is for the solo/ co-op mode found in the Monolith Sourcebook. Wolverine and Black Widow join Conan in the search for Bruce Banner, who has been compromised by what appears to be Stygian sorcery. Savage Avengers: Compromised is inspired by a Conan Vs. variant cover from The Immortal Hulk comic. When I saw it, I wondered how that fight would turn out. This series of scenarios based on the Savage Avengers comic. My goal is to write a Conan scenario that can be played with regular Conan game content- but with a Marvel style storyline for those who may be interested and have buckets of old Heroclix sitting around. I match each Marvel character to a Conan character. For example, in Compromised, I use the Demon of the Earth to represent the Hulk. Niord, from the Nordheim expansion, is used to represent Wolverine. Ambidextrous and red defense dice are perfect for his claws and healing factor. So it works both ways- you can play it with your regular Conan content or you can swap in some Heroclix and go for the Savage Avengers vibe! Enjoy! Savage Avengers Compromised v2.pdf
  19. "What is a gorgeous thing like you doing traveling alone through a place like this?" An encounter with bandits while traveling alone takes a surprise twist. A quick and easy scenario that uses some Modiphius tiles from Perilous Runs and Forgotten Cities and the Corinthia expansion along with some Mythic Battles: Pantheon miniatures. Please forgive the format. It's not asetically pleasing, but all the information is there. 🙂 When the Scenario Editor is back online I'll sweeten it up. Thanks! Traveling Alone.pdf
  20. Had a little help from a friend here on the Overlord, but you are welcome. Enjoy!
  21. My Daughter is one of my primary Conan players and main playtester when I write scenarios. I recently snagged a copy of Claustrophobia-1643 and she liked the minis and the art for the Guardian and the Swordswoman. So I asked @Ken to make up some Hero cards for her. This is great because we've been useing other fan made proxies for female characters. (There's some awesome ones posted in a thread called "Feminising Conan" here and on BGG) But our substitute minis never matched the hero card. For example we had a great hero card with classic Larry Elmore art, but a pretty plain Reaper mini that was close but not really that close. With the Claustrophobia characters, we finally got a match, minis and Hero card. My Daughter also noted that their outfits are "less sketchy" than some of the female outfits in Conan. The awesome thing is, now she has some minis and matching Hero cards that she's excited about using and they won't stick out like a sore thumb on the table. The Guardian has Conan's stats and the Swordswoman has Belit's stats. Nice and simple. Easy to swap out, no playtesting required. You can download them here: Charater Sheets.pdf
  22. This soundtrack is great! I recently purchased Claustrophobia-1643 and just used it for our first game. Thanks!
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