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  1. Awesome. Thank you for the kind words. Enjoy. P.S. Keep an eye out for the Nemedian Chroniclers special edition of Tales of the North. It features this scenario and a ton of other content. We brought in some new creators and also added some solo/co-op content. There will also be a 5 player Nordheim re-skin of the classic In the Clutches of the Picts. Look for it in a few months.
  2. @Shadowfane I think those would be fine substitutions. No need to sub for Belit. 1 scenario uses Savage Belit and the others use the corebox Belit.
  3. In Savage Avengers: Cursed Dry Work Conan and the Punisher battle thirst, the reawakened dead and dry skin! Like my other Savage Avengers scenarios, Cursed Dry Work is fully playable as a regular Conan scenario. Disregard all Marvel references and enjoy! Or if you have a Punisher Heroclix, the Stygia expansion and ALL those Skeletons from the King Pledge; lock and load! Conan the Savage: This scenario was inspired by the Conan the Savage figure from Privateer Press' Savage Mini Crate subscription. If you have it, use it! Otherwise use the corebox Conan figure. Crom doesn't care. M60: The Crossbow and some special rules for Circular Strike and Elite Shooter combine to represent the M60. Conan can also become frustrated with the strange device and use the M60 to smash in some skulls, but it won't be quite the same after. The Punisher: I chose N'Gora to represent the Punisher. He is a great all around warrior.. Great Melee and Ranged Combat stats. To keep the M60 in Conan's hands for a few turns I decided to hobble The Punisher a little bit with an injured arm from the crash. Savage Avengers Cursed Thirsty Work.pdf
  4. Sacrifice does not require a gem. It's not really an action. A player can choose to use it when their character is attacked. No gems needed.
  5. @Roolz I just stumbled upon someone on one of the Conan facebook pages sharing your translation of this scenario. It was pretty cool to see that people are using it! Thanks for doing the translation, I'm glad it's available for the French fans to enjoy.
  6. Wow! You really should promote this on the Conan Gaming Group Facebook page. And the Conan by Monolith boardgame group. This looks outstanding!
  7. Wow! That looks awesome. Hopefully someone rises to the challenge. It would be amazing to have this in English.
  8. You are right. We didn't explicitly cover that. I apologize for the ambiguity. It's not a super critical item and there is another one available in scenario 2, so it won't hurt to be hard on the losing Heroes. I'd encourage you to place the lost Crown in a chest in another scenario and give the Heroes a 2nd chance at finding it. If you can get the Overlord to agree to that.
  9. I like the red and blue that you chose!
  10. - Zaporavo is not a Hero and cannot be targeted by the Overlord. - Zaporavo moves normally. He is affected by Hindering and Blocking. - If all the Heroes are killed, you lose. 🙂 See the Defeat section in the solo/co-op rule book. - Yes, the Hero player has to choose the area because there is no Overlord player. So the player picks which area Zogar Teleports into.
  11. Hello, For bullet 1- Zogar moves 1 space- to an area adjacent to the hut, outside of it. For bullet 4- you are exactly correct. Thanks for checking out the scenario. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. These are great. Very useful. I spend a lot of time answering or reminding players about these rules. Now I can just tap the card. 😉
  13. Right on. Definately need a way to get through that armor. Even Conan with a good weapon will struggle to consistently damage a creature with Armor that high. Most other characters won't even come close. As mentioned a scenario specific rule to reduce the armor might be needed. Otherwise something like the Withering spell from the KS Stretch Goal pack would be useful. In a scenario with no special rules a 3 armor with a decent amount of Life Points makes for a challenging enemy. Take a look at some scenarios with the Dark Demon for reference.
  14. @AndronicusVII I have Batman coming soon. I'll definately be messing around with that when I get the chance.
  15. - Removed Scenario keep an eye out for a completed version in an upcoming scenario pack that a couple of us are working on.
  16. After writing and posting a number of homemade scenarios for Monolith's Conan, and being involved with 2 projects with The Nemedian Chroniclers, I thought that it may be helpful to others, who are interested in writing their own scenarios, to share a few thoughts and lessons learned. I firmly believe that scenario writing is the over looked "other half" of the game. It has the potential to extend the life of your game indefinitely and to get use out of content that might be considered underutilized. As the King Pledge seems to be taking a backseat to the Retail Core Box, I feel there is a great opportunity for fans to step in and help each other get the most out of their games. And the recent uptick in interest in the Retail Core Box also presents itself as opportunity. It's win-win for scenario writers! I encourage you to not let you game sit on the shelf and collect dust while waiting for the next awesome official release! As Matt John would say- "Grab an oar dog!" (This is an updated and expanded version of an article I posted back in 2017. I've written a few more since than and definately learned some lessons.) Mighty Happenings and Great Deeds.pdf
  17. I've been enjoying it. It's good entertainment. I love pure Conan and have volumes of it. But Savage Avengers is just plain fun. I wrote a couple Monolith Conan scenarios inspired by Savage Avengers. I match each Avenger to a Conan Hero and use Heroclix for the figures. For example, Niord is a nice fill in for Wolverine. High defense for the healing factor and Ambidextrous for the claws. So the scenarios play ad a regular Conan game or as a Savage Avengers reskin.
  18. @Calumma Sub objectives is another great idea. Have you ever tried writing a scenario? If not, you ought to give it a try. Here's a great website that you can easily edit and format scenarios. I'd be willing to follow along with your progress and playtest. You have great ideas, maybe give them a try see how they play out. If nothing else, you'll gain a little insight into what we do and maybe a whole new perspective on the game. 🙂 https://www.conan-scenarios.com
  19. @Calumma Thanks for the feedback and ideas! I'll try my best to respond- 1. The negative "boon" is a great idea. I think we will definitely be in touch with you on this for our next big campaign. This was definitely a "why didn't we think of that" moment for me. Looking forward to trying this idea out. 2. This is complicated and subject to debate, even within our ranks. We desire to make content that will be used. We don't want to waste time on something that won't be. The most efficient use of our time is to focus on material that everyone has. The Retail Core Box. However, we also like to play with all of our toys. I think that you will see a good mix coming from us as time goes on. Maybe a Retail project is next. Lots of folks have inquired about that. I think it's important for folks to speak up like you have done. So, thank you, your perspective here is noted. 3. I print at Office Depot and am happy with the quality. I punch holes and put it in a 3 ring binder. The cardstock there isn't the best, but I'm also at the limit of what I want to pay to have material printed. I agree, printing from home isn't a great option, I'd recommend a local print shop or like Staples or Office Depot. (I live in the US, so that's what I'm familiar with) 4. I can't speak for the other guys- but I am excited about the new content. The new maps, Dragon and Black Ones are sure to be used. It's just too early to tell how. We haven't really discussed our next Nemedian Chroniclers project yet. But I am thrilled that these items are getting wider availability, that means we can be more confident that if the Chroniclers write for those components that the scenarios will be more widely used. So stay tuned. 😉 Thanks again.
  20. At long last The Nemedian Chroniclers are pleased to present our latest project.
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