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  1. No, it will take a certain time, I have 2 works, and finish to traduce Heroquest first. But I want to translate this good work, so I will share when finished.
  2. If I have time to translate, are you OK if I give you the french version for french player can download and play ? It's your work, I respect, so I give nothing without you are ok. I don't know if you can understand what I write, very sorry lol
  3. Sorry for my english, not very good... I am very happy to discover this excellent work. If I have freetime to, I want to translate it in french. Is there a french version existing ?
  4. FRENCH VERSION / Version Française For those who wants a french version, I am traducing it. Pour ceux qui veulent une version française, je suis en train de la traduire. CONAN : WHISPERS FROM STYGIA Murmures de Stygie Table des Matières Prologue Vue d’ensemble Gemmes bonus Changement de niveau Objets transportables Fin de la campagne Le temps de voler est proche Combattre ou voler Le destin de Yag-Kosha Rêves d’Atali Les rues de Khemi Le piège Prologue Sache, Ô Prince, que dans l
  5. Is there a french version ? Or I can try to translate, if you want I like your idea of scenario, I am curious of trying it.
  6. Nice work, I want to test it (but I have to translate in french before....).
  7. Thanks for your message. Hope a lot of children can learn and play later like warriors ! :)
  8. 2 players - Easy Téléchargement: Vaniria est dans le Fort.pdf Download: Vaniria is in the Fort.pdf
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