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  1. 5 player - Normal - King Box + SGs + Kushites WitchHunters "Conan and his comrades are partying alongside Kushite warriors of the Bamula tribe, fittingly celebrating their recent successful raid against the enemy clan of the Jihihi. As the party is in full swing and the Yarati beer flows freely, the best warriors of the tribe challenge the Cimmerian and his friends from the North. In the village there is a camel that is a bit nasty and recalcitrant. The beast was stolen to Stygians and seems to be willing to obey only to his former masters. The goal of the ga
  2. 3 players - Easy Rules - Core Box + SGs "A tight grip around his sword handle until his knuckles turn white, Conan cautiously nears the ruins of a fishermen’s village abandoned for ages. Like a panther lying in the wait, the Cimmerian warrior seems ready to pounce at his prey. Yet today he is not the hunter but rather the game. Along with Olgerd Vladislav, the ex-leader of the Kozaki from the Zaporoska river, he is about to mercilessly fight for his survival. A week before, the group of Zuagir looters led by Olgerd was defeated by Turanians who grew tired
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