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  1. We had some interesting experiences playing The Dragon scenario today. We played it three times in a row. At first glance winning seemed a tall order for the heroes, as the Overlord had lots of energy, a high Recovery and lots of Picts and a massive dragon and the heroes only 7 turns to kill the dragon to win. The first game had Conan resting and holding back while Belit and Pelias went for the special weapons. The OL held the Dragon back and attacked Conan with Picts. The OL always had plenty of energy to activate any unit he wanted and cornered and killed Conan within four turns before he even came close to the Dragon. At no point had the OL any dilemma in how to spend his energy. Actually, he always had energy gems to spare. A walkover and cause for some evaluation. The second game had Conan add his actions to the recovery of the special weapons to see if this would win the Heroes time and make them more successful. but again the OL had no problem spending energy, had lots of gems to spare and quickly weakened Conan with lots of Picts, cornered him with the Dragon in turn 5 and killed him. The deaths of Pelias and Belit were a matter of time and the Dragon didn't have a scratch. The Heroes never had a chance. This made us wonder whether the Recovery number of 5 wasn't simply too high. We theorized that the OL even had enough energy to have the Dragon attack Conan 5 out of 7 turns and wouldn't that be enough for him to win without even needing the Picts? We played this as a third testgame and found out that the three heroes together could kill the Dragon within one round, even without special weapons! OK, maybe it wasn't so easy for the OL after all. And maybe the Dragon wasn't so invulnerable. Having no more time for a fourth game our hypothesis is now as follows: - The Heroes should aggressively and actively attack the Dragon as soon as possible. - The special weapons are nice to have but not really necessary to spend a lot of time on. - When that doesn't work either the OL Recovery number is probably too high and should be lowered to 3. . - This scenario's replayability is excellent :) I am curious if anyone else has played this scenario and what you think about it?

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