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  1. I would just be happy to see some of the love and attention returned to Conan! But...I would love to see another mode/level of gameplay that augments the very tactical system we already have. An adventure mode that plays along a larger/ regional map. Something that allows for ongoing campaign play or a strategic component akin to the levels of play in LotR Journeys in Middle Earth, Folklore, or Midarra... Ambitious, but awesome.
  2. Look carefully at the skills and play to them. Example, if you need to protect someone, flood their area with minions with sacrifice. use you archers effectively —when placed with the captain the get free re-rolls. I’m only on our 3rd scenario but I won the last one by bringing 2 characters to near death. Then killing 1 while they tried to exit in scenario 2.
  3. I think I’ll darken the muzzles a bit, they look too friendly!
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