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  1. Puckstop98

    Seeking a Scenario for the Overlord Book

    Here's a scenario I wrote for consideration. :)
  2. Puckstop98

    Scenario: Last Stand Before Dawn

    Updated and moved to Downloadable scenarios.
  3. This uses Core Box (retail) components. The heroes are trapped in an old fortress waiting for reinforcements. Can they protect Belit until the end of the 8th round? Can the Overlord get through the defenses the players can build? Heroes: Conan, Belit (w/ three guards), Shevatas, and Hrdarthus OL: Bossonian Guards and Archers, Captain, Skulthus, and the Outer Dark Demon (if summoned). Sorcery has a terrible cost, so summoning the demon costs 1 health or 1 of Skulthus' spells. Let me know what you think! 868 (2).pdf
  4. This is my first attempt at a scenario. I had two main goals in creating this scenario: 1. Use the core box 2. Add a new mechanic For the second of those, I added barricades and the defensive use of rubble. Not that this is ground-breaking, but I thought it would be interesting to force the Heroes into defensive roles and give options of making physical barriers instead of attacking or hiding. Thank you! 868.pdf

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