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  1. Are you thinking the overlord has a Suicide Squad trying to Storm Arkham Asylum. With Hero players trying to defend Arkham? Or are you thinking Players each playing a Villain and storming arkham with the overlord playing Batman and the guards?
  2. This might sound weird but the only essential kickstarter exclusive element of Rising Sun for me is the plastic strongholds. I think those should have been part of the base game. I feel like the cardboard tokens would get lost among all the different units.
  3. I wouldn't worry about it. I remember Rising Sun not coming out of my credit card for 48 hours or so. If there is an actual issue I am sure you will be contacted.
  4. Since we got Batman Year One mini I had an idea for a modified one vs one scenario where Batman has to capture a Villain while evading the Police. With the versus expansion we have the tiles to add police to the Villain board. Not sure if it would work until I can read the rules in greater detail but I think it would be a cool scenario.
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