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  1. Hey y'all, this may not be the place for this, but it's kind of Batman related. If anyone like Legendary, I made a custom DC comics core set and posted it on BGG. Here's the link if anyone's interested: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/28728246#28728246 if you're not interested just ignore haha
  2. Yeah apparently Spoiler was never in the plans, they just didn't want to recomission the artist for the cover art
  3. I'm loving Rising Sun, the KS upgraded components are amazing
  4. I've only backed this and Nemesis. I do have the kickstarter version of rising sun as well. I'm pretty selective with this stuff. I've been into the hobby for a bit over two years now, and even being pretty self controlled getting new games I have some games I really like that aren't getting played much, I've decided to try slowing down on getting new games for a while, instead I want to focus on getting expansions for games I have, and then getting into painting and playing the ones I have. For example I have a game called Fireteam Zero that I love but have only gotten to play a couple times, I'd like to play that and others I have more.
  5. Also, for anyone who celebrates it with any seriousness, happy Easter guys! I hope it's a good day for you and your families.
  6. I agree that was the best comment section I've been a part of (although it's only my second KS campaign). It's been a blast kicking it with you guys the last month, I hope to see you guys more here in the overlord. Unfortunately I probably won't see y'all in another KS any time soon, as I've used up all the funds I had for that for the year, but this is certainly an experience I won't forget!
  7. I will also be looking for painting advice, I'm very excited to paint this game! I plan on starting by punting a few other games, like cry havoc, in the wait for this one.
  8. I'm samp8515 on BGG, I'd love to follow some of y'all over there as well!
  9. I was wondering, can you follow people on BGG? Might be fun to follow some of y'all over there as well!
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