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  1. SBCP

    Kickstarter Follow Frenzy

    Weird place for this, but I just wanted to draw BDEC attention to IDW's Nickelodeon Splat Kickstarter. Real light game, basically the opposite of Batman in terms of complexity, but it looks fun. I have no idea on the age range in this group, but 90's Nickelodeon was my jam and these miniatures come with a big ol' side of nostalgia. I just thought there might be a few others here who enjoyed that era in television.
  2. This issue is probably due to the holiday weekend.
  3. SBCP

    Kickstarter Follow Frenzy

    Torgo, I couldn't agree more. I've never really been involved in a comments section, and for basically the same reason. "give me this or I'll leave, I swear I will" drives me nuts. I say we keep this ball rolling. Clearly, we are all Kickstarter junkies to varying degrees, so we'll definitely be orbiting each other for some time to come. And yes, I'll always remember where I was when I got the Batcow update. Glorious triumph!
  4. SBCP

    Kickstarter Follow Frenzy

    Hey, me too! Canton, Ohio
  5. SBCP

    Kickstarter Follow Frenzy

    We need to get a Balls Deep Expansions Crew thread, so we can track other Kickstarter projects everyone is following and spread the Batcow love everywhere. BDEC for short.
  6. SBCP



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