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  1. Batman Merch!

    Some great BatMerch on here but let's keep it coming. Here is another prized possession of mine. An original production page from Batman Cacophony.
  2. Batman Merch!

    lol totally 👍
  3. Batman Merch!

    Nice carquinyoli, very cool. These are class, keep them coming guys
  4. Batman Merch!

    Cyanide, the bat mobiles are cool and I like the mugs, not seen anything like them. Looking forward to the Batman and Robin ones 👍
  5. Batman Merch!

    Brilliant, that's a great job. It looks really well
  6. Batman Merch!

    That sounds class, I think pics are required 👍
  7. Batman Merch!

    That doesn't matter man. Just proudly show your Batmerch. I had a Batman '66 batmobile as a kid and I'm so sad it's been lost to the years. I may have some more "desirable" or "collectible" items now but this isn't about what is shiny or best, it about showing your bat pride. Now he may not be as awesome as Batcow, but my Batduck holds a special place in my heart lol
  8. Batman Merch!

    None of you guys have any Batman gear you treasure? Really? Im disappointed guys, I thought you were Batman fans, what's you favourite comic or graphic novel? Come on! show me what you got!...
  9. Kickstarter Follow Frenzy

    Is it just me or does anyone else occasionally go back the the campaign page to scrol through and look at all the lovely figures we are getting? Please don't let it just be me On one of these (many) visits I noticed it says we get 21 hero sheets but we have 22 heroes. I guess green arrow was truly unplanned, and no space for spoiler
  10. What expansions do you want see?

    Yeah a Batman Beyond expansion would be great. Have to include Tim Drake from the return of the joker film though
  11. What expansions do you want see?

    Gang War Expansion Emperor Penguin; Salvatore Maroni; Carmine Falcone; Tony Zucco; Sarah Essen; Matches Malone Sofia Gigante for an oversized villain Wiseguys with tommy guns, wiseguys with blackjacks/clubs, penguins hench women Captain Clown from Batman the animated series for something big and crazy And for maps, the Iceberg lounge, the docks
  12. Batman Merch!

    I'll go first- this is a Walt Flanagan sketch I got from from the "comic book men" them selves. Best part, I talked my good wife into visiting the Secret Stash while on honeymoon 😁
  13. Batman Merch!

    Show your Batman love, what is the jewel of your batman collection. Post pics of your favourite bit of Batman memorabilia, it can be comics, original art, collectible figures, anything even that '66 Robin outfit you have for the weekends
  14. Kickstarter Follow Frenzy

    I've been tabletop gaming for nearly 30 years (yeah I'm an old man but I started young, honest). Only started getting in to board games the last few years. Up to then it was mainly Warhammer fantasy battle, Undead and dark elf armies (this new AoS crap can do one). Never went for 40k, loved the fluff just didn't get into the game. As for other tabletop stuff I've a bolt action army, a Crusader warband for Saga, a couple bloodbowl teams. Some frostgave warbands and loads of x-wing. I have mostly bought my stuff in my local gaming store. I can even remember phoning orders to GW from the catalogue in the back of White Dwarf (now I do feel old). So im relatively new to this Kickstarter thing, it was a movement templates and counters for x wing campaign that burnt me a few years ago (4/5 years and nothing, so that money is gone). While I did keep an eye on what was coming out that experience soured me to kickstarter. But I'm sure Monolith won't let me down and result in kickstarter becoming the latest way to feed my plastic crack addiction. thank god ive an understanding wife who's main concern is just where am I going to store all my gaming gear 😂
  15. Kickstarter Follow Frenzy

    I haven't done many Kickstarters, this would be my third. I got burnt badly by one a few years ago (money taken but no product) and stayed well away. But was drawn back by Hate and totally won over by this game, cause batman just rules. A couple of upcoming campaigns intrigue me, but I may have to let hellboy pass and replenish my funds.