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  1. rhogg27184

    Arrr! (Show your pirates)

    Here is my attempt will post another pic when I have them all done since I'm doing different skin tones and colour schemes.o
  2. rhogg27184

    Conan models work in progress

    Painting has been a bit slower this week, first pirate finished with the others all started.
  3. rhogg27184

    Conan models work in progress

    That's the archers done these guys were fun to paint, pirates next.
  4. rhogg27184

    Show your Bossonian Archers!

    Here my attempt at the archers
  5. rhogg27184

    [Rules] Trapped like Rats

    I may have missed something but can the hero's unlock the door in area 11 using shevatas and his lock picking bonus in the first turn and move out the inn within the first hero turn?
  6. rhogg27184

    Show your Hyenas!

    Here are my hyenas, don't know how they hold up? there are some great painters on here.
  7. rhogg27184

    Conan models work in progress

    Fresh from the painting table and ready for the game board, great conan based night just picked up the sabre tooth tiger, the Wolves, the demon of the earth and the black ones all boxed and never used
  8. rhogg27184

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread , is it possible to still get the first compendium?
  9. rhogg27184

    Conan models work in progress

    That's the first batch done all 15 picts from the core box, the hyenas next I think.
  10. Hey folks, I have just found out about and joined this forum. Started painting my models for my conan game after finishing my 40k army feedback appreciated. I'm always looking for tips to improve my painting.
  11. rhogg27184



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