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  1. @Footballzs you are completely correct, I was wrong, I have been playing another game for the last few months and ended up messing up the hindering rule on movement as simple as it is. Replayed the scenario today, it it was a great one in the end, hero's still won but took a lot longer to do so.
  2. Did any other gaming groups find the fifth plague of stygia a bit broken. Hero's won turn one with conans first activation.
  3. Played this one today. hero's won on turn one conan can get to toth amon and kill him on first activation. Scenario lasted 5 mins, seems a bit broken or have I missed something.
  4. Please ignore my last query , just realised we missed a sentance in the special rules
  5. This may be a silly question, but can overload models move through the locked doors as they have no manipulation stat. The reason I ask us cause if the hero's avoid opening the door with baal peteor behind it and go straight for the cell doors hoping for good manipulation rolls, baal is then stuck in the room and redundant for the whole scenario.
  6. Have not posted anything in ages but the mammoth project of painting conan is finished. For the blood of a barbarian is set for today's game. New kickstarter backed. Can't seem to get any photos to upload at the moment. Any one else having this issue. I'm getting an error symbol with - 200 under it.
  7. Played this today , fun scenario, went right down to the wire with the hero just pulling it off.
  8. A few more finished, savage belits face is not as clean as I would have liked. But still good for the game table
  9. A couple more finished, 10 models to paint and my king pledge is completely finished. Then onto small box expansions.
  10. Nothing new painting wise but today's game board set, waiting on my gaming buddy, The sails of wrath from compendium big thanks to whoever came up with this great looking scenario.
  11. Looks awesome, mythic battles is a game I'm looking forward to painting.
  12. A couple more finished. Pelias and Taurus getting finished Tonight hopefully
  13. Thanks for that not quite dead. I have enjoyed seeing all your stuff on here also.
  14. After a little break in painting that's some more conan stuff finished my plan is to get conan completely painted by the end of November. Then will it be claustrophobia, mythic battles or batman.
  15. Here mine, have to get a pic of the tentacles as well.
  16. Some more conan stuff finished off as always painted for the table not display. We at least that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.
  17. @Epaka really enjoying your mythic battles stuff nice work, I hope mine come out as well once I am done painting conan.
  18. Hey, @Epaka your mythic battles stuff looks awesome, can't wait to paint mine if I do half as good a job I will be happy.
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