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    [Strategy] Where the Thunder Rumbles

    It is difficult, but the Overlord has lots of gems in the scenario, which can be used for rerolls to get the required results. It is also worth remembering that if Slasher uses its Sacrifice skill, it cannot Guard for that defence.
  2. Ossessione

    [Khitai] Market

    I received an email from Monolith. This is what they said: 'If you are talking about the scenario "The Remedy", that's in fact a mistake from us. The khitan guard should be red.' This fixes the problem.
  3. Ossessione

    [Khitai] Market

    There is a grey Khitan guard on the map in the third Khitai scenario, but that guard does not have a tile in the river. Should that guard be a red or green Khitan guard or some other character?
  4. Ossessione

    [Khitai] Tower

    Can a hero make a melee attack from stairs on a lower floor against enemy characters on stairs of an upper floor if those stairs are crowded? These two spaces are next to one another, and according to the rules you can attack a crowded area from an area next to it.

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