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  1. Gamebooty

    Will the expansions be available to buy?

    I’ve just ordered everything that is for sale now just to make sure prices won’t skyrocket over the years. Hopefully they will release the artist packs and stuff like the dragon again. They are rares then the KS exclusives.
  2. Gamebooty

    Storage of painted minis

    They are regular board game miniatures. Not hard plastic like Warhammer, but also not as soft and bendy like Mice & Mystics or War of the Ring. Some figures maybe a bit bend but you can use a hairblower to easily reshape them. Some spears and swords are really flimsy but may become a bit sturdier after you painted them and have them a spray of lacquer.
  3. Gamebooty

    Will the expansions be available to buy?

    Why are only a couple for sale and will there be reprints?

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