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  1. I painted my Bane up the other night and was really happy with the result. I am planning on using TAS colour scheme for all my figures.
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  3. @tony ah right, so does that mean, in this scenarios example, that whenever you activate The Penguin, instead of moving the tile back to the end of the River, you move the tile back 4 spaces only?
  4. Sorry to jump off the back of this thread but I didn't want to open another for something that might be really simply explained. What does it mean when a Villain card appears twice in the river on the set up? For example, in the Deadly Infection scenario, The Penguin appears in both the 1st and 5th position on the river. I am assuming this is something to do when Doctor Death comes along, but I can't find any mention of what this could mean in the rules. Many thanks!
  5. This is really cool. Are you planning on printing one off and taking some pictures of how it fits your set?
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