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  1. Lovely picture on the box and scenario booklet, but where are the tentacle miniatures that look as if they should feature?
  2. I missed the original Kickstarter and am having great trouble obtaining the King pledge game which seems to be the one to have with the new scenarios showing up in the Sourcebook. Here in the UK very few show on ebay and when they do they are either going for silly money or are snapped up quickly. So with that said I would love to see all existing material (King pledge, the three big expansions and smaller ones too) reprinted as soon as possible, or maybe offered as add-ons on the 2020 Kickstarter. I'm certain that with so few reprints being done in the last few years and with the popularity of the game increasing, that a full reprint would be in Monolith's interest to get as many players onboard, especially as they will be expanding the game next year. I for one wouldn't be able to take part in the next Kickstarter if I don't have access to the main game! Regarding new material. I think all of my favourites have already been mentioned, but maybe an expansion for each kingdom similar to the Khitai, Nordheim and Stygia ones that have already been done. This would give access to new characters and make use of Conan's different occupations, (Thief, Mercenary, Pirate etc.) tying up with the books that have been produced by Modiphius. Lastly, any chance Monolith have permission to use characters from the Marvel/Dark Horse comics or are they just limited to the REH stories? I'm finished now, but please think of all us players who still don't have access to the original game and miniatures. I'd love to join in the fun!
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