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  1. UK Bat tour

    London: 24/11 at Draughts all afternoon/evening 26/11: International Students House with LoB, 12 to 5 !!!
  2. Xaltotun tile

    Congrats and thanks to have made the effort to share it on the French part of the forum !
  3. UK Bat tour - York

    Beyond Monopoly ! Boardgame club will host a demoing of batman, it will be at Bar Convent http://www.bar-convent.org.uk/ Come and join if you are in the area, it is free and food is great, 600 other games to be played ...
  4. UK Bat tour

    I am planning to demo Batman in the UK starting in October, but I still need some help for the organization ... Huddersfield, IQ Gaming center : A full Saturday in October (07/10 to be confirmed) and another one in February, just before the KS https://www.iqgaming.co.uk/ York, BM! (club) - 21/10 - 20/01 - 12:30 until 9PM https://bmyork.wordpress.com/ London- 24-26/11 - I am sure to spend this specific week end there, I am in contact with LOB and a couple of other groups, but please let me know where you would see the demo organised Leeds, Travelling man, Saturday 14/10 - https://www.travellingman.com/our-stores/leeds Manchester, Liverpool - Travelling Man if Leeds is succesful, @Mr Lee is going to help me ... Horsham - Battlequest Games) -Thursday 02/11 - to be confirmed https://www.facebook.com/BattleQuestGames/ Brighton-Portsmouth - 03-04/11 - organization on going ... Birmingham - I have no contact there, anybody to help me ? something like mid November or January. Glasgow: we have a base there but we need to set it up, probably in January ... Could you share your thoughts and advice ? Thanks
  5. Reading before playing...

    That sounds good ! Selina Kyle from Jim Lee is my best pick as well, even if I have to say that she's not my favourite character in the Gotham's universe ...
  6. Reading before playing...

    Just realized than all star Batman artist is Romita Jr: I'm afraid ... I didn't like him when working for Marvel and I'm not a big fan of Superman so I don't know how he performed on that ... Did some of you read it already ?
  7. Welcome!

  8. Welcome!

    Welcome @Satya! you can update your location here: https://the-overlord.net/index.php?/membermap/ Are you a French guy in the UK or US or are you in France ? If in UK, I'm starting to organize a UK Bat tour ...
  9. Reading before playing...

    That's it ! Some art is really cool and creative, but the spy thing with 4 or 5 layers is just too much. I haven't read Catwoman eternal, will have a look
  10. Batman by Marini

    that one was clearly Gotham inspired ! Capes are cool too, even since Invincible, we know how bad they can be
  11. Batman by Marini

    Hello, earlier in the week, the French comic book publisher, who translates all DC books through Urban Comics for French speaking market, has announced a new Batman story in 2 books written and drawn by Marini. Marini is one of the best artist in Franco Belgian comics. He started with futuristic road movie, Gipsy, and after a western 2 books story, his style exploded in Rapaces. His "The eagles of Rome" is a big success, but nothing compared to "The Scorpion" and more than one million sold copies, which is huge for franco belgium books. Did you know him ? do you like the art ?
  12. Ideas and Suggestions

    never read dark legends ... you'll let me know ? I did a Batman break yesterday and have read some Avengers ...
  13. THS system: from Conan to Batman

    We've seen players being KO coming back in the game and play a big role in the final victory ! The mechanism works well
  14. Batman stretch goals

    as a toy for your kid or as a part of the game to jump around and being part of the map ? Include it in the center of the Batcave
  15. Yesterday, I played ...

    really love deckbuilders and Ascension ... I don't play it enough though :(

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