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  1. Gotham by knight and colour

    And some original art as well ... from Anthony Jean
  2. Campaign info

    On Facebook, following the Paris event on Friday, Fred released than the base pledge will be at 130-140$ and the all-in targeted at 300$ ! Pretty good new !
  3. Generic Map board vs Normal Map board

    Big boards with iconic places of Gotham are the best for me to recreate Batman stories. Concerning the game play, each character has his responsibilities in the stories and Monolith is working on having a pool of heroes to play with in each scenario, so I expect a strong interest in each game. The fact to be able to choose gadgets for your batbelt at the beginning of the story is good fun as well.
  4. UK Bat tour

    2 demo this week, 100% gamers on Wednesday and discovering the project today :) Great time both https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/Board-Games-Club-Warrington/photos/28302280/466009371/?photoId=466009371&photoAlbumId=28302280 https://www.facebook.com/groups/nobleorderhuddersfield/permalink/1499999770119452/
  5. UK Bat tour

    Thank you so much ! Those 3 games were really good Surprisingly, at Warrington, yesterday evening, one of the game was in the same tone than the first one in Leeds, same mindset/same strategy, not the same conclusion though. I said surprisingly because it was the first time in my demos heroes started so efficiently in the exact same moves.
  6. UK Bat tour

    another taste of England !
  7. Reading before playing...

    Thanks ! I plan to start that, haven't done so far ...
  8. Gotham by knight and colour

    Not only Batmite can play with dimensions
  9. UK Bat tour

    2 games yesterday, starting at IQ gaming center and another one at a player's home, it was really England, look at what was on the table :) Bane won twice ... If you look at the background, you might recognize some boardgame media people ... Every body enjoyed and I'll have to demo there for more people the 11/11
  10. Batman artists unite

    It is really great art ! Now in the team, there are as well comics insiders as well to help on the scenarios and the background. That will be amazing
  11. Bat tour UK - Huddersfield

    Come and play the Batman game ! https://www.facebook.com/events/853363308146956/?active_tab=about
  12. UK Bat tour

    Starting point of the Bat tour: https://www.facebook.com/events/853363308146956/?active_tab=about
  13. UK Bat tour

    London: 24/11 at Draughts all afternoon/evening 26/11: International Students House with LoB, 12 to 5 !!!
  14. Xaltotun tile

    Congrats and thanks to have made the effort to share it on the French part of the forum !
  15. UK Bat tour - York

    Beyond Monopoly ! Boardgame club will host a demoing of batman, it will be at Bar Convent http://www.bar-convent.org.uk/ Come and join if you are in the area, it is free and food is great, 600 other games to be played ...

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