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  1. Is anyone in the USA still waiting on gcc season 2 deliveries? I’ve contacted several people and everyone seems to have received their pledges already except for me. I’m still waiting but i haven’t even heard about shipping or tracking numbers yet. I contacted funagain and they say they don’t have me in their system. Which is crazy. I have confirmation numbers and everything but they just said I’d have to contact monolith and they aren’t responding to me. im posting here in hopes of gaining attention from monolith support. Please someone contact me. I honestly feel like I’ve been rip
  2. Looks like i won’t be getting my pledge. I feel like a jerk, like I’m being impatient or something. But it seems like the us deliveries have all been sent out and received except for mine. I contacted funagain, which is the company responsible for the us deliveries and they claim to not have my in their system. They then just say i have to contact monolith and that they can’t help me any further but monoliith hasn’t responded to me at all. Any ideas of what i can or should do? I’ve emailed them and even written to them on Instagram.
  3. Same here. I haven’t received my pledge either. I have decided to email them every single day. Not even an automated response yet.
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