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  1. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    I'd be quite interested to see your pictures, @Epaka. I haven't play those games, but the titles are quite appealing! 🙂 Here are both versions of the Red Meeple, a feminine and a masculine one:
  2. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    I have now one painted miniature for each player. I really like this mini, with a character both cute and funny. Time to work on the base of the remnant of the miniatures (six more adventurers and a ghost).
  3. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    And here's the red player. I'm quite happy with her face, but the OSL isn't as good as it should be. It seems to me that I shouldn't have enlighted her collarbone. The light is maybe too yellow on the whitish shirt. But overall, it looks good in my opinion.
  4. Not Quite Dead


    And here's a video of the final result:
  5. Not Quite Dead


    Guess what? It's fully painted. I plan to give back the game to my brother for his birthday (in a few days). But if I got the time, I'll take some pictures or a video.
  6. Not Quite Dead

    Help needed with crossover character sheets

    Just in case you aren't using it already, here's a link to a file allowing to make heroes character sheet for the gimp, made by @JabbaTheHatt: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/files/file/32-fiche-héros-éditable-pour-gimp/
  7. Not Quite Dead

    [Request] New gallery - Other Games

    Unspeakable, @Epaka! The picture with all the painted mini is impressive. I'm sure it's very pleasant to play Cthulhu Wars with such nice paintjobs!
  8. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    And, now, the green player: I'm already fearing to paint the miniature for the red meeple: there will be an OSL...
  9. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    And a blue player. The right eye is a total mess, sadly. Luckily, it's meant to be tabletop miniatures, not exposition ones.
  10. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    First (male) version of the black meeple. Starting the blue one.
  11. Not Quite Dead

    Show your Baal-Pteor!

    It didn't strike me, @Garfield Of Borg. I think its proportions don't look right, though. Too big hands and pecs, head too small. Definitively not my favourite one amongst the many miniatures of this game.
  12. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    The first miniature related to the purple meeple is done. I'll paint a second one, male, at some point later.
  13. Not Quite Dead

    [Pimp] Escape the Curse of the Temple (2nd edition)

    The first six miniatures have been given a new base. I'm quite new at this, so I'm carving with my bare fingers and a toothpick. This has two downsides: fingerprints and not really flat bases. Well, I guess I'll try to paint this first serie before basing the second one, in order to see if that okayish first look is fine once the base is painted.
  14. Not Quite Dead


    With the dwarf painted, now the team of heroes is complete:
  15. Hi there! Some months ago, I ran into Escape the Curse of the Temple, made by Queen Games. As I really enjoyed playing this game, I took the first chance to get the second edition. If you're not familiar with this game, I'll describe quickly its gameplay. A game last exactly ten minutes, during which the players must leave a cursed temple about to collapse. They must escape together. If one is left behind, everyone lose. Everyone plays simultaneously, rolling dice as quickly as possible and keeping combos of dice in order to perform different actions, such as moving, discovering new areas, interacting with machinery in the temple, and so on. Luck is an important thing in this game, but you must also be coordinate with your fellow adventurers and choose quickly what the team should do. The game can be played by boys like my son (7 years old). The Big Box of the 2nd edition is far better than the first. First, the organizer of the box is smart and effective. Second, there is more content in this version of the game. 8 expansions and 10 mini-addon, which is enough to keep the interest of the players and allow they to face greater and more complex challenges. As my summer holidays are about to start, I decided to pimp this game by replacing the original wooden meeple by miniatures of explorers. I thus bought some Pulp Figures by Bob Murch. They are made of pewter (I guess), smaller and less detailed than Conan's mini. I really like their aspect. Some of them features quite serious characters, while others are quite humorous. I've found at Feldherr's a foam tray that fits almost perfectly the box of the game, so that, once painted, my miniatures will be sheltered and neatly stored. Now, this is the work I intend to do before the end of august: - clean the miniatures and glue them on proper bases; - use some greenstuff or another epoxy product in order to hide the original pewter base. I guess I'll try to sculpt a paving looking like the one of the tiles of the game; - paint and varnish the miniatures. I'll show you on this topic the progress of my work. Have a nice summer!

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