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  1. It's been quite a long time since I've posted a picture in this very topic, so here's my work on the tiles of this game:
  2. Not Quite Dead

    *dong* Paint out your games! *dong*

    Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
  3. Here are my scorpions, made from @Epaka's colour scheme: Fun fact: did you know that scorpions seem to adjust the virulence of their venom to their environment ? It will get stronger, if they're surrounded by predators, and less venomous if they are mostly preys around them.
  4. Not Quite Dead

    The Shivering Hands

    I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  5. Here are both versions: the injured one, and the well one, side by side:
  6. « When I was a lad, there weren't all these fancy customized minis. We used a Chaos Warrior and we were happy with it. » I ran unexpectedly into minis of Sir Ragnar, a knight that you have to rescue during an HeroQuest scenario:
  7. And with the second Frost Giant, Conan: Nordheim is fully painted for me.
  8. Some Korean spam coming from this user. Also, finding true love.
  9. The first of the giants is now done. One more to do, and I'll move to Stygia.
  10. And... the Garrek's Reavers are now fully painted.
  11. It's a shame that I didn't comment this short story so far. I really loved the opening of the tomb. It was both very evocative and effective. I almost had to pour me a glass of water while Conan was descending that rope. I guess that this very compact story really is Conan in a nutshell. Adventure, brutal fight ended by a single blow, legendary treasure that will not be kept, but used to buy ale. I loved it. Thanks for sharing, drmauric!
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