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New universes, same game system ?

Bawon Samdi

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I, personnaly, would really like to see a John Carter of Mars game  !!! I know the movie bombed but i really like the books and several comics expanded a bit more the universe.

Also, Modiphius will soon produce some minis so a fan made MOD is not impossible ...




Also, Star Trek could be interresting. Between away teams on the surface of an alien planet and boarding parties raiding the Enterprise, there are lot of possible sceneraios. I can imagine several maps covering the Enterprise (deck, hangar bay, engine room, ...) and some alien worlds.




Using the Conan's game system, which universe would you like to play in ?

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Personally, I would love to see a Star Wars game using the THS system.  Unfortunately, this will never happen for obvious reasons.  I like FFG's games a lot, but the Conan/THS system is just so elegant and stream lined, it would be perfect.  The system is really great for any kind of pulp fiction, though.  Indiana Jones or Hellboy would also be cool, especially since it seems like FFG isn't planning on bringing Tannhauser back.  Although, maybe Indy wouldn't really work, since he's such a loner.  Classic X-Men would be great, too.


Also, just in case you hadn't heard, but there actually is a John Carter board game coming out at some point from Modiphius.  I have no idea when, though.


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At this time Modiphius is currently working on a John Carter rpg. One of the things that will be released at the same time, or close to it, will be a John Carter table top miniatures game.  IIRC, there was, at one time, mention that it would be Monolith producing the miniatures game. I do not know if that is still the case.

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There are actually 3 things Modiphius has said they're working on for John Carter.  An RPG, a miniatures game, and a board game.  Here's a link to their website page for JC:



That page has been there for at least a year, so I don't know how fast it's going.  You can tell by the dates that they're a little behind schedule.  


You can see a bunch of the miniatures there as well.  There's no mention of Monolith's involvement.  In the last year and a half that I've been following I've never heard Monolith's name in relation to it, so if they were involved it was a long time ago.

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