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What do people hope for in the 2019 KS?

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I never saw that Monolith mention.  Do you have a source - and are you sure you're not talking about Asmodee?  Shame.


(EDIT:  This post from Erwan... Looks good for the Dragon and Black Ones in 2019)



I would have thought that, because the moulds already exist, if these items were in the pledge manager that they could just more or less perfectly manage the quantities produced (if the agreement with Asmodee doesn't preclude it).  From what I hear, a whole lot of people didn't get these things because they expected to be able to get them at retail.  Perhaps there's still that pent up demand?  I agree that there was a whole lot of empty space in those boxes.  I'm certainly not against plain packaging for these small add-ons, myself.


I'd be loath to purchase the lot just to obtain the one that I'm missing, given that I'm happily (well, satisfactorily) substituting another mini for the dragon now.


I guess we'll see 🙂

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Citing Erwan's post

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The reference I made was about a comment in the Mythic Battles campaign. I don't remember where I saw it. They didn't reprint the Artists Boxes, and got a few questions on it.

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