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The Ineffable Name Part I

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I have been working on my first scenario, which will be the first in a series that will chronicle a tale of Belit in the days before Amra the Lion sailed the Black Coast with her. I think its been tested enough to have some others give it a shot and offer feedback, we got it down to a final turn victory for the heroes tonight, and even then we made a few tweaks to it. If anyone wishes to take a look, give it a try and let me know their thoughts it would be appreciated!



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Looks very good. One question, it states that the scroll case can be picked up once the Dark Demon has been slain. Where is the case located?

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5 hours ago, drmauric said:

Hey guys,

This one is definately worth checking out! It's a worthy challange for both sides. Great story and great use of tentacles.



Thanks - I plan to do another playtest with the changes and your input again in the next couple of days!

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