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Is there a valid line of sight for ranged attacks between the Inn floor and the elevated level (ballustrade areas 6,7 and 8)? I mean I agree that there is a line if sight, however, in the rules it is stated (page 11, v2.0 hero rule book, top paragraph) that lower areas have no line of sight to higher areas for ranged attacks if there is a sudden elevation change...

I don't really get the rule (not its meaning but if it makes sense...)... I would guess that the whole point of an archer is that they can also shoot upwards.. unless it is a fortification and there is something to hide behind. Now here there is the railing to cover the heros on the higher ground...

We played "Wrath of Anu" scenario and after reinforcing the archers at the Inn entrance the OL was shooting at me from there up to the Ballustrade... we were then arguing if this is valid or not...

I think there should be at least a penalty for the archers otherwise the heros there are just sitting ducks to be plucked off...

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