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Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

The new expansions :  

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  1. 1. The new expansions :

    • Hyperborea could be another expansion about the northern parts of the world.
    • The Hyborian kingdoms like Nemedia (inspired by the Germanic Holy Roman Empire), Koth (inspired by a medievalish Hittite Empire) or Ophir (inspired by Italian kingdoms).
    • Turan: an expansion about Turan would be inspired by Persian Empire, with Zuagir tribes attacking caravan of merchants, and with adventurers looking for long-lost cities hidden in the desert.
    • Far-Eastern countries, with Vendhya and Kosala (both inspired by India) or Ghulistan, in the spirit of the oriental adventures by Talbot Mundy or Rudyard Kipling.
    • The Black Kingdoms (Kush, Dafar, Punt, and so on.)
    • The Pictish wilderness
    • An expansion on the theme of thieves, with shady cities, dubious associates, corrupt guards and mysterious sponsors.
    • An expansion on the theme of swashbuckling adventures with pirates of the Red Brotherhood, Messantia, Argos, and so on.
    • Aquilonia (inspired by medieval France/England), with a Dark Age/Arthurian ambience.
    • A Red Nails expansion, with weird humanoid creatures, secluded cities lost in the depth of the jungle inspired by Aztec empire.

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12 hours ago, Matt John S said:

This is something we're going to do in Batman, and are probably going to do with Conan, as well. I already have some specific Ideas about it. Campaigns are indeed fun. Also, have you seen what we're putting together with the Community Generated campaign? Have a look under news. 

Thanks Matt !

I will go have a look at the Community Generated campaign :-)

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I think personally, as exciting as these expansions sound, I would rather see an update to the game that made it much more flexible, allowing players to choose their characters without too much worry about how that might affect game balance.  Similarly it would be nice if the overlord had some flexibility to decide at least some of the villains they might want to use.  This would add a much greater value to even the basic game, more so for the king pledge.


As for the expansions I definitely fancy the Turan expansion.  For me Conan has always had a more classical/ancient or Dark Age ambience to it that I think a Persian inspired expansion would suit perfectly.

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