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Playtester Seeking Conan Scenarios

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Gentlemen and Otherwise,

I am willing and able to play test your Conan scenarios! If you create them on www.conan-scenarios.com and you're open to constructive criticism and working together to enjoy this great game, let me know, I'd be happy to help!

The best way to contact me is via Facebook Messenger. I'm in the Facebook Conan Gaming Group that Matt John admins. (Dan Mauric) This keeps creative process private until you are ready to share your work. Or post a link here as a response. But, again, I'd rather communicate in private until you are ready to share your work.

A couple of caveats:

I'm no expert, nor do I represent Monolith. So this is an non-official offer. I'm just a guy looking to get the most out of his game and help others to do the same. Who knows what might come from our efforts? To quote Matt John "The Overlord website is what we make it." And this is my attempt to add to the Community.

I have a King Pledge with all the exclusive add-ons. I also have Nordheim, Khitai and Stygia. (And it's easy enough to proxy in the Guest Boxes, Black Ones and Dragon.)

I don't have Mythic Battles or Bloodrage, so I can't help with scenarios that involve those games. And I'd really rather not print a huge custom map or home brew characters, so I'd pass on those as well, (sorry, though lot of what's out there looks cool) I would prefer to stick with official Monolith Conan components.


I will (usually) be able to get back to you in under a week. So the process can move along at a decent pace.

And finally, FYI, I'd be playtesting solo. Like, right hand verse left hand. I've found this to be a great way to try new things with out boring a group to death or wasting their time with a scenario that isn't quite ready yet. I do have a group that I would present a finished or near finished scenrio to for final analysis.

So if all that sounds good... and if you have a scenario that's ready to share, let me know! (or not, I care about as much as Crom would).


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drmauric, my scenario Stygian Resurrection needs play testing if you're interested. I don't have the Stygian expansion yet, getting it for Xmas, so I could use some help.


Its a long scenario, sort of a Tomb of Horrors -- OK, not that long, but long for Conan. Maybe play test the upper level for starters.



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