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Greetings Gentlemen and Otherwise,

A new scenario featuring  the Nordheim expansion,  Crossbowmen, and Vanir Valkyrie on the Inn map.


"Ladies Night"


What happens at a cold Nordheim Inn when a Fat Oaf runs his mouth too far and too long? It's Ladies Night and Vanir and Aseir steel are being served hot!



Ladies Night FV.pdf

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Hi there, @drmauric!


I finally managed to play this scenario with two female players, a veteran of Conan and a rookie. It was a really pleasant evening and I lost, as usual. Blind luck made it happen close to the Women's strike in Switzerland, so there was plenty of occasions to joke about men-women relationship and gender equality, both on the board and in real life. We all enjoyed greatly, the scenario, its background, and the humorous way you state the rules and victory conditions.




We really liked how your rules stick with your flavour text, Seski being so vulnerable in front of the heroes, particularly when he's hampered in the upper level of the tavern. As an Overlord playing to this game for some years now, I was glad that it let me use some miniatures that are quite seldom on the board, like the crossbowmen or the Vanir Valkyrie. As a matter of fact, I painted her and Valeria for this very occasion.

We had a comment regarding the balance of the heroes of this scenario that I thought you could be interested in.

The Vanir Valkyrie seems to be really more powerful and useful than Valeria. She's stronger, quicker, and has two skills that are really useful in that scenario: she's :inssaisissable: and she's got :cp_precis:, making her a real threat for Seski, particularly when he's hampered. In one round, she can thus escape all opponents, run up to six areas and hit four times Seski with :orangerel::orange::jaune:. Knowing this, I should avoid the situation of the picture above, and never let Seski walk around alone. But that mistake set aside, my players had the feeling (and I concurred with them) that Valeria was really weaker. Sure, she can :riposte:, which can be useful against the Vanir warriors, but she feels like a sidekick to play, which can be slightly frustrating.

We understand that picking a female hero that is :inssaisissable: as well in order to replace Valeria, such as Savage Bêlit (if I'm not mistaken) would make the scenario really, really hard for the Overlord, while choosing another female hero without that skill would raise significantly the difficulty for the Heroes. Did you have similar feedback about that scenario? Do you think we missed something while playing Valeria?


Thanks a lot for that scenario, which was really original and enjoyable! I look forward to play more of them (next one will be the one with Bêlit and the perfumed fop), I guess.

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@Not Quite Dead Hello and thanks for playing. I am especially thrilled about the extensive feedback. I am glad you and your group enjoyed the scenario.


In playtesting we found that the Vanir Valkyrie was indeed quite powerful and I certainly understand your Valeria as a sidekick assesment. (even within a gender there often isn't equality 😉 ) This scenario started off including a 3rd Lady Hero, but that idea was reluctantly abandoned because I really wanted to include the Valkyrie. And, obviously, she can hold her own.


We also discovered, much like playing as Conan, if the Vanir Valkyrie gets too far ahead of her partner she can be quickly overwhelmed and run out of gems if the Overlord focuses on her exclusively. Remember, in this scenario, if one hero dies the Overlord wins. An aggressive Overlord might be able to take out a Valkyrie that has overspent her gems. Or an Overlord that spends gems on Guard actions may blunt her attacks.


So, while Valeria may seem like a sidekick, both must work together to keep the Overlord from focusing on just one of them. Valeria is a killing machine in her own right. So keeping the weaker minions off of the Vanir Valkyrie often may need to be her focus. And the Valeria player may need to take risks and spend gems on Movement to stay relevant.


And- definitely- never let Seski be alone. I'm glad you picked up on that. If a player misses that part of the strategy the scenario kind of flops. 🙂


Thanks again. I am glad you enjoyed it overall. Looking forward to hearing more from you as you have opportunity.


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15 hours ago, drmauric said:

@Roolz I just stumbled upon someone on one of the Conan facebook pages sharing your translation of this scenario. It was pretty cool to see that people are using it! Thanks for doing the translation, I'm glad it's available for the French fans to enjoy.

Ah :). I posted the separate "Tales from the north" scenarios pdfs yesterday on the french side of the-overlord.

Still need to finish the whole booklet (1st pages and last one).

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