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Suggestions for variant rules

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Hello everyone! 🙂

As previously stated, I love this game! Its basically the only game I played for months now. But some small bits I dont like as much. Here, we could talk about "fixes" for our pet peeves of this game. They would obviously be variants, and everyone does what they like the most. 😛

Leader-fix: I dont like the leader rule. Its basically useless and selldom comes into play. I like rules that make sense and are used. The leader skill almost never is useful, even though so many minis have it. We have played like this for the last 10-15 games instead; You can use it anytime under the turn, and activate troops either in the space you walked into, OR the space you went from. This way you can charge ahead, and lead by example, or run in and bolster. It has worked great, so I recommend trying it out if you feel leader and troops are a little bit to weak.

Point-correction: some units are worth a little to little points wise for how good they are. Say Echidna. She should not be worth 5 points, but she is VERY good for 4pts. A fix for this situations could be a comp-system that gives your opponent AoW-cards if you take the minis. I am not sure what each one should cost yet, but some of the ones that I feel are priced a little weird are Echidna, Prometheus, Acamas and Bellerofon.

Deployment-fix; This one is just a thought and would change the game the most. I feel that one thing I dont like as much is that it costs a card to deploy. It feels clunky and slow and kind of counter intuitive. A fix of sorts could be that deployment is "free" and dont cost a card. It would still take an activation, and two deploys in a turn would still cost an AoW but otherwise it would be free. I dont know just yet what this would do with the balance but I think it could speed up the game in the beginning and make more use of some of the units with less cards. Another thing could perhaps potentially be that you would retaliate more often, since you would have more cards. That would be a bonus, since I feel that as of now, its selldom worth to retaliate. I will try this out and report back. 😛

Lets hear your ideas and suggestions! 🙂

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I like some of those ideas, in particular the deployment, it is painful to spend one of those cards to just place the model on the board!  I also like the leader fix and agree that I don't think I have ever used it.

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