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Excited for the new kickstarter, today my wife and I played the learning scenario in the PnP version. In a few games it seemed to us that Ares has a very high chance of winning if he begins. We ended up with the following moves for him:


Turn 1:

- activate Ares to walk to the omphalos closest to Zeus;

- reactivate Ares using his passive to absorb the omphalos;
- move either Achilles or the Spartans (preferably Achilles) forward and claim the omphalos.

Turn 2:

- activate Ares to walk to the nearest omphalos not claimed by the enemy;
- reactivate using his passive to absorb the omphalos and win.

You need a lot of Ares activation cards, but using your act of war cards to get them from your deck (also during your opponents turn) you have to be really unlucky on your first hand for this not to work out (I have not crunched the numbers yet on this). The only thing the Zeus player can do to stop this, is to activate Zeus, move him to Ares, and mighty-throw him onto the ruins behind him, and use hydra or hoplites to block the path between the ruins and the closest omphalos. If your throw fails, or you don't have the right cards in your hand, you lose the game.

Are we missing something, or is this scenario really skewed towards Ares if he starts?

EDIT: one thing that may play a role, is that we played it as though you can use an AOW card to search your deck in your turn, and then again in your opponents turn. Is this true, or can you only do one of the two (until you start your new turn)?

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Are you playing with the PnP rules? On Ares' dashboard from the physical game, the Frenzy Power states:


At the end of Ares' activation, you may discard one Ares activation card.

If you do, Ares may take an additional walk and attack action, in that order, as the third and fourth simple actions of the same activation.


So Ares cannot absorb an omphalos using the Frenzy Power. Also note that absorbing is a Complex action which precludes any Simple actions being performed until the player's turn comes around again. If simple actions have been performed, the divinity cannot also absorb.

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