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Suggestions for Mythic Battles December Run

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Here are some ideas for the new run in december what I personally would like to see. For me a few new scenarios or maps are always welcome. Also an officially printed map of the Rock Pool would be very nice. Here is a list of models wich I would like to see:


Ablsolutely needed Models:
-Charon (Hero/Monster) Already Confirmed
-Demeter (God)
-Three fates (Hero/Monster)


Much appreciated Models:
-Hestia (God)
-Helen of Troy (Hero)
-Oracle of Delphi (Hero/Monster) (nice gameplay posibilities; looking at the cards in deck, or at other people cards in the hand)
-Tantalus (Hero/Monster)
-Narcissus (Hero/Monster)


Would also be nice but not per se needed/ highly unlikely 
-Morpheus (God) (nice gameplay posibilities; putting a unit to sleep)
-Nike (God)
-Pegasus only (without Bellerophon) (Monster)
-Reprint of the Winged Ape (Monster)
-Reprint of Ketos (Monster)


What would you personally like to see?

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In the rushed confusion of Gencon 2018,  my understanding is they are reworking Corinthia to make Conan work with Mythic Battles on a broader scale. What that means, or it was just a fevered dream induced by black lotus, I don't know but I find the prospect exciting.

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I'm sorry I believe I'm a bit late XD, but still for the future...


REALLY NEEDED for Circling the Old Version:

- Tantalus
- Charon
- King Priam & Patroclus


As for the Future and Greek Mythologi...



-       Adonis

-       Aeolus

-       Bia, Nike, Kratos & Zelus (This 4 would be really awesome)

-       Chaos

-       Deimos & Phobos

-       Demeter

-       Erebus

-       Eris

-       Eros

-       Morpheus

-       Thanatos & Hypnos

-       Nemesis

-       Tyche



-       Astraeus

-       Crius, Iapetus & Hyperion

-       Metis

-       Oceanus

-       Pallas

-       Perses

-       Rhea

-       Uranus



-       Acrisius

-       Aeneas

-       Calypso

-       Cassandra

-       Castor & Pollux

-       Cephalus & Laelaps

-       Chrysaor

-       Daedalus

-       Daphne

-       Dido

-       Electra

-       Eteoklos

-       Eurydice

-       Helen of Troy

-       Inachus

-       King Midas

-       Laocoon

-       Meleager

-       Memnon

-       Menelaus

-       Niobe

-       Oracle of Delphi

-       Orestes

-       Philoctetes

-       Phoroneus

-       Pygmalion

-       Telemachus

-       Themistokles

-       Thetis

-       Tiresias

-       Triton



-       Adnanos & Pyracmon

-       Alcyoneus & Porphyrion

-       Argus Panoptes

-       Ceryneian Hind

-       Cretan Bull

-       Crommyonian Sow

-       Delphyne

-       Erymanthian Boar

-       Euryale & Stheno

-       Nessus

-       Orthrus

-       Silenus

-       The Moirai or Fates (Clotho, Lachesis & Atropos)



-       Dryads

-       Mares of Diomedes

-       The Telchines

-       Nymphs



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Hmm I'm waiting for my game, but I would like to see famous brothers. Linkeus and Idas. Castor and Polideukes (not Pollux becuse he is from Rome). 

And A Argo ship. Some campaign with Argonauts. Or 12 labor od Heracles. I think it would be awesome. 

And from other heroes I wanna get Meleager, Telemachus, Menelaus, Peleus, Admetus, Filoktet, Teiresias, Asclepius, Iphicles, Iolaus (A Hero Must Be Alone), Laertes, Nestor and Telamon :D. 

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