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The Defilers in the Tomb (Conan Fanfiction)

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Friends and Otherwise,

After receiving a good bit of encouragement about my first attempt at Conan fanfiction, I am please to present my second attempt!

The Defilers in the Tomb.

"Conan seeks treasure in a tomb that has been undisturbed for thousands of years. Or has it been?"

This story is more action and less drama than The Weight of Years. I've never really written an action piece before. I'd love to hear what you think!

The Defilers in the Tomb.pdf

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It's a shame that I didn't comment this short story so far. :$


I really loved the opening of the tomb. It was both very evocative and effective. I almost had to pour me a glass of water while Conan was descending that rope.


I guess that this very compact story really is Conan in a nutshell. Adventure, brutal fight ended by a single blow, legendary treasure that will not be kept, but used to buy ale. I loved it.


Thanks for sharing, drmauric! :biggrin:

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