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Hailing from the East... Show your Khitai Expansion!

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Making some progress on the Khitai box set now... I have to say, as with Stygia, the hero sculpt is the least engaging sculpt in the set! The baddies are fantastic, while the hero is.... just ok. 🤔




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Slow going lately as I’ve been on the road for work a lot, but finally got the Khitan Guards underway. I still need to do some touch ups, matte spray, blood, etc. But I’m fairly happy with them, even if they are much brighter and more colorful than their game tile art.... Foo Dogs on deck, and then Corinthia (villagers = boring, Winged Ape = sweeeeet), and I’ll finally be done with my All-In Conan collection! 



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2 hours ago, Primeval said:

Some great work here - although as a former Age of Conan player I have to say I have seen more than enough of that sorceror (Emperor in the game)! 🙂


Thanks! Looking forward to playing the Khitai scenarios, the tower board is especially intriguing. 

I never had a chance to play Age of Conan, although it looked like loads of fun. I did pick up Conan Exiles on PS4, and had a great time playing that for awhile. After slogging through building up my character and crafting a ton of weapons, armor, and even a castle, I’m feeling kinda done with it. If I want to work hard at repetitive tasks and compete with my fellow man for limited resources... well, I already do that every day in real life! 😂 

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