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Just to confirm the Art in the Rulebook will be the same in French or English version right? 
Cause right now some pages are really different or not there at all in the French version ... 


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Below are mostly nitpicky issues I have found with the Missions Booklet. Obviously any changes I list below are only my recommendations which others may disagree with (or I may simply be wrong).

General Note on Miniature Images for the Missions: For the missions, I would expect the miniature image on the tiles and the image displayed on the board (and off-board components) to be the same but in many cases the image is the mirror-image. I do not bother listing all of the instances this occurs because it appears it happens in all missions but as an example, on pages 6-7, for the tiles in river positions 1, 5, and 6, the images shown on the board are the mirror-image. I would recommend that this be changed.

Inconsistent Capitalization: On the bottom-right of page 20 it has “kryptonite fragment card”, upper-left of page 21 has “kryptonite fragment card”, and the lower-right of page 29 has “information card” in two locations. In other cases the card name is capitalized, for example, on page 20 “Security Pass card” is used (not “security pass card”). I would recommend searching for “card” to see if any other card names are not capitalized, and to change them for consistency.

LP Marker: The text “LP marker” is used on pages 37, 41, 47, and 55 (assuming I did not miss any). I may be wrong but I do not think the term “LP marker” is not defined in the rules. While I realize what it means, I suggest changing the text to “life point marker” to make it clear (or defining “LP marker” in the Rulebook, if it is not already).

Page 2: In the image on the right half of the page, the text for items 1, 6, and 7 are in French.

Page 3: For Item 11, in the text “Those miniatures are not part of the villain’s character pool”, I may be wrong but I think the word “Those” should be “These”.

Pages 8-9: For the tile in river position 3, it indicates there are 3 miniatures but the board setup indicates there are four.

Page 25: In the right-column, in the text “PLUNGING THE HOSTAGE INTO THE ACID: at the end of the Check End-game Conditions step 2”, I think “step 2” should be changed to “2 step”.

Pages 32-33: The four By-Stander icons on the board do not have an orange background as the tile does.

Page 33: On the lower-left, in the “AGGRESSIVE” section, in the text “as soon as a character they control by the villain attacks a hero”, I think “they control” should be changed to “controlled”.

Pages 48-49: The three Guard icons on the board do not have a blue background like the tile does.

Pages 48: The game elements list indicates there are two broken walls but only one is shown setup on the board.

Pages 48: In the “END GAME CONDITIONS” section, in the text “at the end of the hero Turn 6, the game ends - the current step is Check End-game Conditions 2 of turn 6”, change “2” to “1” (since heroes have the initiative).

Page 51: In the text “5 REINFORCEMENT POINTS + INFECTION: any hero with a Bite token immediately suffers 1 wound”, I recommend changing “any” to “each” to make clear that all heroes with a bite token are affected, not just one hero (as some people may interpret it).

Page 55: In the text “0 REINFORCEMENT POINT + UNEXPECTED ARRIVAL: the villain replaces the event tile by the Red Hood tile”, suggest changing “by” to “with”.

Page 55: In the right column, in the text “The Batmobile controller can only perform this action 3 times from Batmobile A (or B)”, to make clear that 3 attacks can be made from both area A and B, I would recommend changing “(or B)” to “(and 3 times from B)”.

Pages 57: It may be the pdf (verses what the quality will be in the printed document), but it is not clear to me where level 1 and 2 are on the board.

Pages 57 and 59: The Promontory icon shows the hash marks going in the mirror-image direction than what is shown on the board. Not a big deal but for consistency the Promontory symbol should be flipped horizontally.

Page 58: The “Promontory” icon is not shown below the board even the board has the hash lines shown on the board.

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I miss the "surnames" of the characters with more than one miniature, like Batman (Standard, Zero Year, Year 100, Miller), Catwoman (standard and Long Halloween) or Robin (Tim Drake or Damian Wayne).

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- LP Markers are inside the rulebook (game component)

- p32/33 the by standers doesn't have orange background to represented that they are in the vilain camp. They are not neutral in this case.

- p48 the guards : same as by standers

- p48 broken wall : because you've got a C4 Block so you need another token if you used it.

- p57 the level 1 is the 3 cars

- p58 the promontory icon is page 59  (map 3 and 4 are on the "same" page. just like map 1 and 2.



About the surname, it's not a mistake. For exemple Batman, no matter which one, is always called Batman not zero year or anothing else. You recognise which one to use with his face on the hero board.

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