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Long, Cold Winter solo/co-op Campaign

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Long, Cold Winter is a 3 part campaign using the solo/co-op mode found in the Monolith Sourcebook from Modiphious.


"A bitter cold has beset the northern reaches of Cimmeria. Bandits, villagers and beasts vie for what little sustenance can be found."


Part 1 Lair of the Ice King

A Bandit known as the Ice King has been terrorizing several villages on the frontier. Folks are getting desperate. They pool their meager resources and hire some mercenaries to rid themselves of the Ice King.


Necessary Expansions: This scenario requires access to King Pledge components, the Monolith Sourcebook, as well as the Nordheim and Corinthia expansions. The tiles are from Forbidden Places and Pits of Horror Geomorphic Tile set from Modiphius.


Part 2 Coming Soon!

Long Cold Winter pt 1 co-op.pdf

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Can't wait to try this. I am still waiting for the book/tiles to be printed and shipped. Shouldn't be long now.

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Long, Cold, Winter part 2: Plague! is ready to download.

The winter presses hard on a frontier town. An outbreak of the Plague makes it necessary to leave... immediately.

Necessary Expansions: For this scenario you will need access to a King Pledge and the Nordheim expansion. The tiles are from the Perilous Ruins and Forgotten Cities Geomorphic Tile set from Modiphius. 

Long Cold Winter pt 2 co-op.pdf

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