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@garbetsp, well, it’s easy to forget. Lol. 

I really like the Age of Conan Strategy Game. I honestly think it’s a fantastic game. The expansion however.... meh. I am glad it exists, and hope that it gives more life to the base game by exposing more people to it. I’m glad Ares got the license back since it was clear that FFG gave up on the title. I was first in line for the KS campaign. I even got the metal coins add-on and I love the extra bling it adds to the table. But the expansion itself is full of stuff that does not make the game an iota better. Is just a bunch of fluff and extra crap to keep track of, jammed into a game that’s already complex enough. After trying out the new stuff once, I’ve reverted to the core game. I kinda’ like the Gods, and will sometimes pick three at random to sequentially rule over each age. That adds a little diversity that doesn’t weigh the game down. I’m okay with the idea of the new Conan Contest Dice. However, the Conan experience tracker and ‘leveling-up’ (as well as rolling dice for Conan to complete his adventures) is just a needless waste of game time IMO. The game is a strategic war-game at its core, and it’s a really good one. I know some people wanted the game to focus more on Conan as a character, but that’s just not what the game is really about. I actually love the way Conan is such a powerful random factor in the game. He’s like a natural disaster roving the land that can, at best, be slightly directed by the large empires at war in the Hyborian Age. Ares tried to add a little dash of extra Conan stuff, but it just feels like unnecessary sidetracking in the game. The Spies mechanic is... okay. But again, it doesn’t improve the game at all, just more bookkeeping. 

At least now, I have a good use for the minis!

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That Conan the King was detailed and finished in near darkness. The power was out due to storms. I couldn't see my music to play piano, so I tried painting. Curiously, the dim light forced me to contrast more and I think it turned out better.

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