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I Let the Dogs Out: Show Your Cerberus!

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Incredibly satisfying to have such a large mini that is so damn easy to paint. It took me about an hour to have this guy basically done. I fiddled about for a little longer to try and tweak him, but there wasn’t much else to do. Black primer, some dark blue dry brushing and then just a few details. Obviously an expert level painter can go much further with such an nice model, but I’m trying to wrap up my MB stuff before the 1.5 update arrives. Hmm... maybe Atlas or the Hoplites next?





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@Not Quite Dead, yeah black is kinda tricky. I’m no expert, but I’ve had some decent results by relying on highlighting/dry brushing. Either prime or basecoat the minis in black, and then dry brush all the raised sections with a lighter color. Something in the blue range seems to work and compliment the black. For Cerberus I mixed Vallejo Azure (kind of a muted, greyish blue) with a tiny touch of black, and then simply dry brushed his face and body. It worked great on the Crows in the Nordheim expansion too. I wouldn’t look at my Dark Demon as a success (he turned out pretty sloppy), but that’s pretty much what I did with him too. Any experts out there want to weigh in? 

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It's tricky for me, +1 for what Epaka said. Black / grey is a "key" color. In general I find if I mix a tiny bit of another color into it I like the results better. Blue for a colder black and red or brown for a warmer black.

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