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Belit, Queen of the Black Coast


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Avast, ye seadogs!
@Ken  and I have teamed up to bring you our third booklet packed with loot freshly plundered from fat Argossean merchant ships lolling about the Barachan Islands like overfed seacows.

Belit, Queen of the Black Coast features three previously posted scenarios that follow Belit's rise from a dockside tavern thief, to a fearsome raider and ultimately a pirate queen. The fourth scenario, written by Ken, uses only retail, core box components. The final scenario, exclusive to this booklet, takes place years after Belit's tragic end. She now haunts the dreams of her former lover, Conan, now King of Aquilonia.

Throughout these scenarios you will get to play Belit and Conan both as a Hero and as an Overlord minion.

1. "A Perfumed Fop"- Belit must rescue the prince.
2. "Wine into the Water"- A lover's quarrel endangers the ship's supply of wine.
3. "... and Pillaging"- The Pirate Queen demands booty, be it flesh or be it gold.
4. "Reclaiming N'Kudalla"- Belit leads her crew on a mission of vengeance.
5. "Drinking and Dreaming"- Exclusive to this booklet. The Queen of the Black Coast haunts her former lover's dreams.

To fully enjoy this booklet you will need the following expansions: King Pledge, Stygia, Brom Guest Box, Xavier Collette Guest Box.

You can also find our other 2 booklets, Tales of the North and Feast for the Starving God, on The Overlord. As well as Whispers From Stygia, a project we both contributed to.


Belit, Queen of the Black Coast.pdf

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Thank you Dr Mauic and Ken for the continued, great serevice to the community by providing these excellent scenarios!


I'm hoping to get Stygia in the upcoming KS delivery but not Brom or Xavier booxes. How playable is this without the small box expansions? Could you, for instance, subsituate Conan or Conan the Pirate for Conan the Thief, Savage Belit for Brom's Belit and Amra the Lion for Xavier's King Conan?



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