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Solo/Coop campaign

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Hi, guys! I

I made a solo/coop campaign for Batman, based on the solo coop rules of Conan :


These rules are really simple, but only mission built with these rules can be played.

I can sum up them in three points :

+ If there are X tiles in the river, prepare X tokens numbered from 1 to X, with a common backside


You can also use cards instead for exemple.



+ Activate 3 tiles randomly with the tokens (if there are no miniature associated with the tile, discard the token and take another one)

+ Each miniature activated will try to attack. If only one heros can be attacked, it will be  (with a move or not)

If more than one, choose the weakest one (the one with less cubes in reserve zone (than with less dammage…)

If no heros can be attacked, the miniature will move toward the weakest one.

In any case, the miniature will move along the path of least resistance. He will also try to minimize the penalty (hindering) and maximize bonus.

See special rules for each mission, as usually, boss or elite tiles will prefered to attack the strongest heros !


The campaign is in french, but can be easily translated in English with a little help.


You will play against Scrarecrow and his goal to made a new super toxin to contaminate the city's water tanks !


First mission, you will have to stop a big secret meeting between all the specialists of toxin, poison and pheromons


Updated version 2 (06/01/2021) :

Solo_Coop_Rencontre_mephitique v2.pdf


Second mission, you will have to stop the toxin production at ace chemical factory.



Third mission, you will have to prevent the Scarecrow's thugs to contaminate the water tank at crime alley

Solo_Coop_Terreurs_sur_la_ville v3.pdf


And finally, you will have to recover the antidote formula of the toxin, that is hidden and well protected in the owls court bank



If you are interested to test/translate/give feedback, send me a message !





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