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Orcquest Warpath

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  1. OrcQuest Warpath Rule book

    The Kingdom of Istarra
    is expanding . . .
    Istarra is one of the major kingdoms of the world. It is populated mainly by Humans from many tribes scattered across the lands of the Northern Continent. Covered by hills, woodlands and valleys, it is fringed by the ocean to the West and bordered by mountain ranges in the North, East and South. These natural ramparts help to discourage possible invasions from outside.
    Tired of being grouped in with savages, such as Orcs and Barbarians, by other more “civilized” peoples, like the Elves and Dwarves, the different strongholds of Istarra ended
    up uniting under one banner. .....


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    • By fooforge · Posted
      I've never thought I would leave a review for a 3D printed rock, but then again as a kid I also didn't expect I would ever own a 3D Printer. So, yeah long story short: It's a great rock! I would download and print that rock again. Kudos to the makers for publishing this! Much appreciated.   3D Printer: Ultimaker 3 Extended Filament: PLA in anthracite color from dasfilament.de Print Settings: Layer Height: 0.15mm Wall Thickness: 1.2mm Speed: 40mm/s Support:
    • By Drewbag · Posted
      This isn't a review, more a query. If I download this map (while not owning the Poseidon expansion) how can I find the deployment zones and Omphalos crystal locations?
    • By VerniusNL · Posted
      Design looks good . Cannot place miniatures on the top very well.  Printed without support just fine, problably gonna make some adjustments to the orignal to make it work better.   3D Printer Creality Cr 10  Print settings: Filament : PETG Temp Nozzle : 242 C Temp Bed : 70 Layer Hight: 0.2 No support Print time: about 7 hours. Print size: Original sizes (110x70x65 mm)
    • By VerniusNL · Posted
      Design looks great . Can hold miniatures reasonably well, it’s pretty flat.  I didn’t want to print with support (always a pain to clean that up)  so that caused some minor issues, chiefly a hole at the top which i closed with random piece of PETG. Now i am looking to prime it and paint and the closed up hole will function as a puddle after the paintjob.   3D Printer Creality Cr 10  Print settings: Filament : PETG Temp Nozzle : 242 C Temp Bed : 70 Layer Hight: 0.2
    • By Primeval · Posted
      Nicely done and much needed!
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