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  1. Primeval Projects

    Uploaded Scrolls of Skelos with updated Dance of Derketo; work continues on the community generated campaign as well. Also working on some storage components with my wife after a trip to Michael's today!
  2. Scrolls of Skelos: Skills

    Updated to improve "Dance of Derketo".
  3. Community Generated Campaign

    Yes mine precedes yours - while it does set up the ending, it also is kind of a clean break from the first "half" as the heroes will be slightly changed going forward (as Yogah will be gone one way or the other). Maybe if the Overlord wins mine and Thoth gets the idol, in addition to it offering control of Yogah it also grants access to some ancient grammarye (been waiting to use that word after reading it in David C. Smith's "The Sorceror's Shadow" :) ), maybe a spell or ability that gives him the movement due to having the aid of mystical wings like Yogah had at one time.
  4. Community Generated Campaign

    Luckily got mine printed out before the site had issues, so will try to get some more testing in soon.
  5. Community Generated Campaign

    @Matt John S - I have the Outer Dark Demon in mine, would you prefer he debut in yours? I think of that one as kind of just a generic demon that is not really a singular entity anyway and needed another large foe in mine since everything else is scorpions and traps/sorcery. Also planning to get mine tested tomorrow; my free time last week failed to materialize after all.
  6. Community Generated Campaign

    Thanks for the update Ken - I like the sound of what you are doing. I have 3 days off this week so I plan to get mine playtested finally.
  7. Community Generated Campaign

    Not hurting mine at all, the Idol is the focus for me so I would rather see you develop your idea and go with it!
  8. Community Generated Campaign

    I was going to use those for my scenario and have Matt take it from there with them - but they would be redundant with Neil's idea so going to remove them from mine. Maybe the Medallion is broken and in shards, so more than one hero can have them to fight the demon?
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    I like the idea of the medallion - I will rework my idea for shards from the idol to not be redundant with this.
  10. Really like the life tracker - I hope the next KS for Conan will offer something like this!
  11. Community Generated Campaign

    Door rules added to mine; hope to play it Monday or Tuesday for the first time.
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    Just read the opening, love the use of whispers in Stygia; I try to throw some REH words/phrases in all of mine!
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    Thanks, will put the door rules in later!
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    My initial draft is done - I must stress I have not played it yet, and am starting with no armor for the heroes and will adjust as needed. I tried to make some interesting events and special rules (Bat Swarm came from seeing the swarms of them on the map, somehow that was new to me). The Fate of Yag-Kosha