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  1. Some great work here - although as a former Age of Conan player I have to say I have seen more than enough of that sorceror (Emperor in the game)! 🙂
  2. Primeval

    Queen of the Black Coast

    Great idea to create this - I will look forward to giving it a more thorough examination and play!
  3. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

  4. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Sounds good - I got a little ahead of things when I saw Matt's post in the Conan gaming group and linked on Barbaric Splendor but will fix the link with the final product.
  5. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I like the way it is on the cards.
  6. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Awesome work @Ken! I am proud to be part of this and happy to see it coming to fruition.
  7. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Sounds fair to me - I will PM my paypal and we can go from there!
  8. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Footballzs - your help is much appreciated - I would like to offer to send you a miniature from my Barbaric Splendor line that you can use in future games (I made a hero card for him that is in the download section) as a thank you if you are interested.
  9. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Changed the second Khitan sword to just "Sword"; made a few other minor edits for clarity.
  10. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Thanks for the feedback - and the prooofreading, I will make the changes if I can, but I think the spell names are set in the scenario editor. I think I gave Shentu 2 Khitan swords so the heroes would have some more firepower, I should write in something about using something else to stand in for the second card. I should also write in some suggestion for noting the extra yellow die you mentioned. Glad you enjoyed the scenario!
  11. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    As a fan-made thing, if I was involved I would prefer just doing a Conan pdf mag. I have no interest in the other games. If Monolith did something official then it would of course make sense to do all the games. I don't think a fan-made creation would have any issues with license, as it would be free, as are all the creations we do here on The Overlord. I am sure each game's community could probably come up with their own "magazines".
  12. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I would love to see Monolith package this and release a nice print run of it, we need to promote the game more and get new content out there. Of course part of that is personal interest - I am proud to be part of this creation and hope there will be more opportunities for creators to get "endorsed" or some kind of backing from Monolith to help keep things going! EDIT: The idea of a periodic fan-made pdf magazine came to me, it could have some scenarios, maybe painting advice, new skills/equipment, a gallery of fan painted miniatures... @Matt John S, do you think Monolith might be ok with something like this? The content creators./contributors would get some exposure of course, but it would also help keep the game relevant and perhaps reach new users.
  13. Primeval

    Belit's Saber

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a slightly more powerful Pirate's Saber, meant to represent an exemplary weapon that Belit wields in a series of adventures I am working on.
  14. Primeval

    Belit's Saber

    Belit's Saber View File This is a slightly more powerful Pirate's Saber, meant to represent an exemplary weapon that Belit wields in a series of adventures I am working on. Submitter Primeval Submitted 08/28/2018 Category Resources
  15. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Updated mine.

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