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  1. I had forgotten about this - I will have to get it done after I finish a couple of scenarios I need to do!
  2. Nice work, you really captured the pale skin look well!
  3. I am pretty sure the Monolith miniatures are 32mm. Still, not really sold on the Shinobi game. I would only really be in for the miniatures and we haven't seen any production models, and there just are not that many miniatures in it (although many of the digital sculpts do look great - I especially love the pose of Tascela; it seems to capture her attitude and character well).
  4. Looks great - and thanks for the inclusion of Gwaednerth!
  5. I made this for my upcoming scenario called "The Shrine Of Amra", in which Conan deals with an impostor who claims to have been imbued with the spirit of Amra through these items that Conan left behind at the end of "Queen of the Black Coast". Conan is not pleased with this....
  6. I did not know this - thanks for sharing; I will make sure to keep this in mind so that people can easily get this printed out.
  7. Work is ongoing, still looking at a late January release. Already thinking ahead to issue 2 - one thing I would like to include there is a review of the Modiphius/Monolith crossover book (at least for the Monolith content. If anyone that will be getting this is willing to do so let me know! I would also like to see a scenario using the Modiphius tiles - this might be harder to put together since the online scenario creator can't be used but perhaps someone has aideas on this.
  8. Just a quick note that although I have been a bit silent, the project is coming along - I will be working on layout this month and playtesting my Kull scenario, but I mostly have the content. If anything else is needed I will be sure to put out a call for it!
  9. Thanks - I think this will be a great addition to the project!
  10. Still need a 2 hero scenario, fan art, and pictures of painted miniatures.
  11. Thanks @Chips - great to know more people will be able to enjoy the campaign!
  12. It is just one of the characters created for my Thurian Set 1 that was added into the scenario editor. Giant, brutish Pict.
  13. Hello @tet2brick - I am currently working on a Kull scenario for the upcoming fanmade pdf magazine, and noticed that the Nor Ouk token is in the map tokens but not in the overlord tokens - can he be added there as well? Thanks!
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