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  1. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    Still looking for better art but here is Alecto, Captain of the Red Slayers. I just need one more hero and a tile for Red Slayers, and then I can start on the scenario (not the serpentman one to start though, I have one in mind that is inspired by "The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune"). I will be using the existing Picts (archers and warriors) and also the Warlock. It will also use one of the existing maps.
  2. Thaug to me....

    Excellent work!
  3. Conan the Barbarian

    Is there a gimp file for creating these? Awesome work by the way!
  4. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    I made some changes - these are all WIP until I finish and playtest the scenario of course. I took reach from Brule and added it to his spear, makes more sense. I also edited the artwork to add the spear on his hero card. Nor-Ouk got blocking as well, with his size and wielding a spear and axe he would be hard to get past!
  5. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    Working a little out of my intended order...here is Nor-Ouk, Pictish Brute. He will serve as the champion of a band of Picts in my first Kull scenario, along with a shaman and some warriors. They have acquired a mirror of Tuzun Thune and mean to lure Kull to his doom by once again putting him under its enchantment. Also included my miniature for this one.
  6. Question on paper for cards

    OK, this is a long shot but...I have printed out a couple of my hero cards for my Kull project, and although they are fine they are not the exact thickness of the official ones. Does anyone know the exact paper used for these and for the equipment/spell cards?
  7. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    Not playtested yet, but here is Kull the King. Years among the civilized Valusians has tempered his connection to his totem animal, the tiger, so it has been removed. He has two new skills however that are inspired by scenes in "By This Axe I Rule!".
  8. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    I haven't had as much time to create this past week, but I did get Brule's War Spear done. I made it to serve as not only a melee weapon but parrying weapon, as he is often shown doing in the comics. I gave it an encumbrance of 3 to reflect not only its potential weight but need for 2 hands to wield effectively. I may add "Reach" to the weapon and remove it from Brule - makes no sense for him to have reach if he were to be without his spear.
  9. Brutal Hammer Equipment

    I love it - as I mentioned elsewhere, the Conan the Savage cover that inspired it is among my favorite Conan images. I just wonder if maybe its a little too powerful - maybe there should be some kind of way to reflect that 5 encumbrance in gameplay too, like it can only be used once per turn or something, as the wielder has to get it back into position for use? Just an idea, it's your creation :)
  10. Welcome!

    Added my location; Alameda California.
  11. Primeval

  12. Conan, Hillman Chief

    I was going through Ariel Olivetti's amazing art on "People of the Black Circle" and was motivated to create this version of Conan as leader of the Afghulis. I also have the perfect miniature for this that I will show at some point.
  13. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    I made myself look through the DH Kull stuff and actually found a usable Brule - I like this at least:
  14. What do people hope for in the 2019 KS?

    Many of my wants are already stated here by others - Red Nails, Black Kingdoms and Vendhya (with more for "People of the Black Circle"; I already have the perfect Conan miniature for that). Hyrkania would be interesting to explore as well.
  15. Thurian Tome - adventures in the Age of Kull

    Hi Arthadan - the less said of my opinion of the Dark Horse Kull (and Brule) the better :) Thanks for the effort though, its much appreciated! Of course people can use this one in the blank version if they like - to each their own!

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