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  1. Finally got around to painting this one; despite the great art by Adrian Smith he is a Kushite though, so I painted him as such.
  2. These are some great ideas @Calumma, and will certainly be considered. We have to finish a current project first, but I am already having some ideas for implementing these, even if as special rules in a single or mini-series of events. Thanks for the input and your support of our efforts!
  3. It was pushed back to Monday January 13 2020.
  4. I somehow missed this earlier - this is my favorite version I have seen of this now! Can I share this on my Barbaric Splendor page on Facebook?
  5. Not sure what I did wrong but will try to fix when I get home, thanks for letting me know.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Reminder cards for modifiers in "Blackbird" and "Black Witch" in the solo/co-op campaign "Chronicles of Vengeance".
  7. Reminder cards for modifiers in "Chronicles of Vengeance" View File Reminder cards for modifiers in "Blackbird" and "Black Witch" in the solo/co-op campaign "Chronicles of Vengeance". Submitter Primeval Submitted 01/03/2020 Category Resources  
  8. We decided not to include these in the campaign book for Chronicles of Vengeance to avoid overloading it, but these are cards to help with reminders of modifiers for the "Blackbird" and "Black Witch" scenarios. I authored the scenarios and created these for them, as I do tend to require keeping track of such things in my scenarios - hope they are useful to others as well! I have included the card backing we are using for Boon cards and reminder cards so you can print them out.
  9. This is brilliant - thank you so much; it will make scenario creation much easier! Thank you!
  10. "Chronicles of Vengeance" is not quite finished, but coming soon! It will be available for download here on The Overlord.
  11. I am an old man and honestly am not sure what this entails - if its something easy to do then maybe.
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