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  1. Primeval

    Conan Kickstarter Coloured Base caps

    Ebay perhaps?
  2. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I will make the suggested edit, good idea!
  3. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Alright, I will take care of that as well - thanks for the heads up. Edit: Actually there is no Dark Demon in mine, unless the medallion works against the Outer Dark Demon as well?
  4. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I have amended mine to include the changes/edits mentioned above. Good stuff guys.
  5. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    Shared to my Barbaric Splendor page on Facebook - great work!
  6. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    @Ken - this is awesome work, thank you so much for the effort!
  7. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I would say mine is done. I did make the small to change to Crushing Burden that allows the hero to spend gems to move despite the onus of the idol, hopefully giving it a more heroic feel and also keeping the Overlord from being able to completely stop the hero with the idol, which had been mentioned as a possible area for change. Otherwise I am pleased with mine.
  8. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    That is great @drmauric!
  9. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    I don't know that the spellbook needs to be explained really - there is a pretty good gap between scenarios where equipment could have been changed during the travelling time. I kind of like the flow of my intro as is, so would find some other way to explain the spellbook if needed. Also, I changed the event "Crushing Burden" slightly - I made the movement value "0" instead of the exertion limit "1"; this way the hero can spend gems to move through extraordinary effort. It will still be be tough to deal with, but I think this makes for more heroic potential.
  10. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Well the idea of the jumping off the wall is more that the character is suddenly overcome with lotus fumes and some kind of magic left behind by Yara, and this makes the character think they have wings like Yag Kosha did at one time, and they jump thinking they can fly with these wings, part of the whole fortress as foe thing. If it doesnt come across that way I can always change it. The outcome of this event is sure to annoy any player anyway.
  11. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I am fine with whatever is decided - let me know if I need to add the shard back in. In mine the shard is created by destroying the idol, so it doesn't add any kind of actual gameplay, just would need to be written back into the scenario. Would it have the same benefit as the crown or do we want something different for the different items?
  12. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I like this - perhaps I could go back to including shards, or probably just a shard, of the Idol of Yag Kosha as a carryover that confers some bonus in place of a Xuthal Crown, like the medallion.
  13. Primeval

    Print in the United States

    The printing company I used to use when I managed a fitness center might be able to do it, I can check and see if that's something they can do for sure.
  14. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    After reading the last few posts, I don't think the crowns should be part of @Neil Amswych 's scenario; however it could be added into mine - perhaps Yara stored one away in his abandoned Vilayet outpost along with the Idol of Yag. I don't think it would change the feel of mine very much while it would with Fight or Flight. So maybe crowns in 4 scenarios? Or multiples in some?
  15. Primeval

    Community Generated Campaign

    I think that since this is a campaign and it can be assumed that the heroes are carrying gear that would sustain them on this journey, and which is not counting toward encumbrance, the Crowns can be included among those items and just carried over. Now, if they become items that are used during scenarios or provide a benefit in the scenario, then I think that changes to including them as equipment for the scenario.

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