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  1. Conan the Barbarian

    Looks good to me; nice use of Feline Grace.
  2. Scrolls of Skelos: Skills V1.0

    I edited the Trample skill - here is the new page to replace it:
  3. Conan the Barbarian

    Looks good - I am amending the page I did for this skill, this does seem more balanced.
  4. Seeking a Scenario for the Overlord Book

    If I win I wish this to be my victory speech - "I was one of the horde that swarmed The Overlord. I hadn't yet seen fifteen scenarios, but already my name was repeated about the council fires." Do we post here or will the team simply go over all the scenarios on the site?
  5. Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    Planning now!
  6. Dan gives candid and useful feedback - I highly recommend him as a playtester!
  7. Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    Pretty sure Matt has said he is doing these rules for the boardgame, and has had people playtesting them - I playtested some of the scenarios but not the solo/coop rules; they are buried in my emails somewhere. Found a link on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/416593401791353/permalink/1222890531161632/
  8. Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    Monolith has said they are not working on new systems for Conan, but there IS a solo/coop ruleset coming for this game in the Modiphius/Monolith game, written by the mighty Matt John.
  9. Conan 2019 : choose the new expansions.

    I am ridiculously excited by this! Thanks!
  10. Conan the Barbarian

    It is not exactly the same as this, but one of the scenarios that I playtested coming in the Modiphius/Monolith crossover book has something similar, using mist and not seeing what is in a zone, and allowing foes in that zone to attack if you enter. It works well as a scenario specific thing but I think it would imbalance the game if made a general rule.
  11. Online scenario editor

    I uploaded my Kull characters and they are a popular download - I can send you tokens for them if you think they might be used in the scenario creator. It would also help me out with creating mine :)
  12. Back to Scarlet Citadel

    Looks good - will have to give it a try soon!
  13. I hate to be negative but that N'Yaga card's image is kind of lazy - its the same as Belit's bodyguards, and he is supposed to be a shaman type if memory serves.
  14. Lotus Compendium

    The Emerald Lotus in the book enhances magical powers but is also highly addictive, so perhaps it offer a bonus on spellcasting - fewer gems to cast or perhaps a bonus die for spells requiring rolls? Not sure the addictive part really matters in a scenario based game though.

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