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    About the community, Conan and Monolith.


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    .... Batman !
    Batman ! Batman !

    Around Conan

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    Novels, films, RPG, Comics...


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    Let's chat about everything and anything.

    Rubrique compilant les productions écrites des membres:

    Compte-rendu de bataille, roleplay, story-telling, fanfic, etc etc etc...

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    Là, on vous promet d'envoyer du lourd...

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    Meetings, drinks around the board with buddies... and hear the lamentations of their women.

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    Your queries and suggestions : maintenance, dead links...

  2. Home-made unofficial scenarios

    to search, chose, identify and compare them.

    Coming soon on your board.


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    To discuss around variations in official scenarios, set-up, rules etc

    to comment and improve your scenarios together.

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    software, .pdf, blank template, icon, tile, board, hero's sheet...


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    compatibility with other games :  Mythic Battles, Bloodrage...

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  3. Rules


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    Stuck with a rule? do you find a bug?
    The last rule's version are here
    To comment about a specific scenario or map, see next forum

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    Maps and boards

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    Can I jump here?

    To comment on official scenarios and their specific rules

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  4. Embellish Conan

    To share your pictures.

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    everything for painters, model makers, from beginners to advanced.

  5. Other games