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    By Helyan,
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    • Man oh man, I'm going to have to go back and redo mine after seeing this.
    • Yogah of Yag is put to great use in the Community Campaign. He is a primary character. One of the guys even came up with an awesome idea for Yogah to potentially switch sides and become a pawn of the Overlord! So he will definitely get a lot of action in the campaign.
    • Impressive work on all of these.  Each one looks great from the details on the characters themselves to the customized bases.
    • Very well done.  There's a lot of attitude conveyed by this little figure.  I haven't painted mine yet but hope I can at least come close to doing this good.
    • Yeah, I must admit I'm rather proud of that mini. But it's quite simple to do.
      Here's my modus operandi and the name of the Citadel colors I used:
      Black undercoat
      For the body:
      - I painted the whole body with Dryad Bark
      - I highlighted the muscles and the folds of the body with Wazdakka Red
      - In the red areas I made this way, I painted a smaller area in Evil Stunz Scarlet
      - In those lighter red areas, I painted a smaller area in Troll Slayer Orange
      - In those orange areas, I painted a final, even smaller area in Yriel Yellow
      For the claws and the teeths:
      - I painted them in Pallid Wych Flesh
      - And made several washes with Seraphim Sepia
      For the eyes:
      - I painted the eye in Abbadon Black
      - And then the iris and the pupil of the eye in White Scar
      For the plait:
      - From the end of the hair till the head, I used those colors: Wazdakka Red, Evil Stunz Scarlet, Troll Slayer Orange, Yriel Yellow
      - On the head, some hair using White Scar
      - At the end of the plait, some hair in Xereus Purple
      - On the plait, to smoothen the transitions between colors, I painted some hair from the lighter color (for instance, some Troll Slayer Orange hair among the Evil Stunz Scarlet ones.
      I hope this helps.

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