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  3. Necromance : A Desire to see Civilized Lands
  4. Sorry, this is just a softcover version.
  5. It needs to be a certain number of pages to made as a hardcover. @garbetsp Maybe some blank pages or pages of art or something can be added to this?
  6. @Sir Kelsag Yes, there is a special edition in the works with revised scenarios (possibly some new ones) and a few other extras, but it will be a while before it is released. There are a few projects ahead of it in the queue.
  7. Are you still in the process of making a Lulu ready updated version of this @Ken ? I'm about to order some hardcover Conan campaigns from them, and it would be great to add this as well.
  8. Hi, thanks to everyone involved. I'm currently translating this into French, and I've spotted a few tiny typos. Should I mention them here, or in each scenario's topic ?
  9. It looks like there are 2 extra blue pirates. I would just sub in 2 other figures for the missing ones.
  10. In Scenario 7, are there two pirates too many?
  11. bugger. I'll write the campaign first and then get on a conversion. Thanks Zombocon.
  12. The official templates have never been published. Your best bet is the online editor then using Adobe Acrobat to edit the PDFs to replace images etc.
  13. Hello there, I have the latest version of the tile system . and have figured out how to create a map and skelos jpeg files, which i have been dropping in on a word doc for home. However, I'd like to be able to publish my scenarios in the format style of the official rules and these excellently put together books. my apologies for the possibly simple answer. where do i find the "template" for writing up the rules for each scenario? i have found the overlord scenario editor. but have two issues. 1 the latest kickstarter items are not present yet. 2. there doesn't seem to be an ability to combine map. specifically, I have a boat and stygia docks combination. and a fort/temple combo. grateful for any assistance and advice. Ant
  14. Just did my download for myself and Deane Geiken. I've always been very impressed with the books you've designed for print. I use LULU and they are prompt and do fine work. Thank you for the efforts you provide in getting us these tomes of gaming for the best board game on the market! Jimmy McGuire
  15. Thanks for letting me know. I posted a new version so anyone downloading it going forward will have the correct title.
  16. You can get the Tilesystem editor here: It includes the Modiphius tiles.
  17. Haha, crap, wish I'd noticed before I got mine printed!
  18. You pretty much need to buy the PDF versions of the tiles, extract the images and manually set them in a PDF for the scenarios. No easy way, alas.
  19. FYSA- the spine on the hardcover says Tales of the North.
  20. Sorry, I don't believe there is a streamlined way to add the Modiphius tiles, and the source files I use aren't available to the public.
  21. Hi Ken, thanks you for your workยก I am excited to start to play this scenarios. I was wondering how do you create the template with Tiles modiphius ( I have them), I know how create a scenearios with but not with this tiles. I would like to do myselft my owns scenarios.
  22. Thanks youยกยก It seems fantastic.
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