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  2. Thanks for this! Mine copy arrived yesterday (along with Chronicles of Vengeance & Tales of the South) and it looks great. I think I have a all of the books that can be had physically. Here's the collection! If I'm missing any you know of please let me know
  3. Thanks! Mine copy arrived yesterday (along with The Liberator & Tales of the South) and looks awesome. I think I have a all of the books that can be had physically. Here's the collection! If I'm missing any someone please let me know
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  5. Hello batboys & girls, a new version deployed 0.26 which mainly contains new features for Conan, but Batman also benefits from a few corrections from the possibility for bilingual players to choose a secondary language of their preference in order to see the details of the skills in the 2 languages. (Sometimes a wording is clearer in one language, sometimes in the other) Enjoy
  6. Hello brothers in arms! a new version of the companion has just been deployed (0.26) with on the menu: Encyclopedia: Content of the MBR crossover "Gods of the North" added Encyclopedia/Skill: Bilingual people can now display two languages when displaying the details of an item. Usefull because sometimes the wording is better in another language. Choose your secondary language in your preferences. Works only when online. Studio: Heroes sheet: You can now select a background color between 3 choices (classic brown, "gods of the north" blue or "corinthia" white). Studio: Equipments cards: You set the text size/line height and use spaces and carriage return to arrange the text around the image. Studio: You can now import/export as json file to save or share your creations. Maps: Legends can now be clicked to scroll to the explaination (usefull on mobile). Have fun breaking the castle!
  7. Skill Game Aids View File Pdf of Conan Skill Game Aids sheets, official (2016). Submitter Roolz Submitted 04/19/2024 Category Rules  
  8. Roolz

    Skill Game Aids

    Version 1.0.0


    Pdf of Conan Skill Game Aids sheets, official (2016).
  9. Setting up to play Dreams of Atali. I've noticed the river does not match the map. The river shows green Venir Zombies, while the map shows red Crows. Which is correct? So far the campaign is great, very challenging in CoOp mode
  10. I played this map twice but each one at the table intend different this topic. Continuous discussions throughout the evening did not lead to good play. Please, make on official answer with the zones well identified, for all the player. On many forums I read the same questions and the answer are everytime different. We need an official FAQ on this game and in particular on this map. Thank you
  11. The Demon Hero scenarios (3 I think) require some of the new hero sheets, but they are optional for everything else.
  12. The campaign requires the Base Game, the original Stretch Goals box and two packs of Modiphius Tiles, which are unfortunately now out of print.
  13. Is it playable without the additional hero sheets?
  14. Ok, that's something we need to do different. Thanks for the info
  15. Typically: Scenarios with leap areas have leap icons (with difficulty) on the setup diagram. Dudes with Leap skill can leap over these areas if they beat the difficulty. Others can’t. There are a few scenarios (IIRC), where dudes without Leap skill can also leap over leap areas but it’s explicit in the scenario.
  16. This might be a strange one, but I can't find anything definitive about it. Can characters without the Leap skill leap? I've seen descriptions on how the Leap skill works, but if there is not Leap skill, does that mean the character can't leap? If not, are they basically blocked by any chasm requiring a leap?
  17. Awesome thanks! Been waiting for this before having a couple other books printed too
  18. Hi, I can't see anything except for a brown background while the Batman app is working Ok I found the problem: it's with Italian language
  19. If you have Protected skill, you’re protected by friendly units in your area. So enemies cannot attack you. Friends do not protect you from area attacks (explosions etc). They don’t have a magic shield/dome. 2 units with Protected skill cannot protect each other. It would make them almost invincible. So you can only be protected by a friend without Protected skill.
  20. hoping to try this out this weekend!
  21. Yes, that is the text that appears in the Companion website. However, the French text says more, and more clearly, as I show with the Google translate entry in my post.
  22. Maybe it has been updated. This is what I see here: https://conan-companion.herokuapp.com/skills/32 Protected This character can be attacked only with area attacks if there is a friendly character without Protected in their area. Clarification: Two or more characters with this skill cannot protect each other.
  23. Could someone please clarify how the Protected rule is supposed to work? When you look at the card with the details of the rule, the (original) French text is not the same as the English translation.... French text : "le personnage ne peut etre attaque tant que demeure sur sa zone au moins l'un de ses amis depourvu de cette competence. (Les attaques de zone ne sont pas soumises a l'effet de cette competence.) " Google translate: "the character cannot be attacked as long as at least one of his friends without this skill remains in his zone. (AoE attacks are not subject to the effect of this skill.)" The English text on the card misses the vital information that the character needs to have some friends in the same zone to avoid being attacked by anything other than an AoE attack.
  24. Is there a resource anywhere to see how the lines are supposed to go on the Niflheim map? Are the two bridges to the ship supposed to have access to two spaces on the ship each, or does the one on the right hand side of the ship only lead to a single space aboard Niflheim? There are also multiple lines in front of the ship that has not been fully drawn, making it slightly confusing as to what spaces connect to other spaces.
  25. I have a question: Where can I found the scenarios? They are not in the base game. Wich expansion uses?
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