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  2. By the way, a French-speaking youtuber interviewed Fred Henry today and came back with a big piece of news: Beyond the Monolith will apply at some point in the future to the Lord of the Rings universe:
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  4. Entry duly registered ! Keep them coming, guys & gals !
  5. I'll have a go at this! Giant Snake from Conan, patterned after an African Bush Viper.
  6. If I can, I will be uploading here some pictures of my painted miniatures for this fantastic game.
  7. As said on the French-speaking forum, where this contest is happening too: Thanks @Roolz! It's very neat from you to do this! I guess I'll have a try: I've got a Kothian archer who's been primed for ages. It could be the occasion to paint it!
  8. Not sure you guys know that, but in this video @Fred Henry was interviewed quite extensively and talked about Monolith's next KS. Some interesting news, if I'm not mistaken: - It will start the 5th of January. - It will be quite short (no more than 1 week), BUT the KS page will be accessible before that date, so that you can have a look at the offer. - It will consist of two main things: -- the Conan Legacy, some Conan boxes from 2015 to sell (no idea if there are all in or no)), a box with the new miniatures, the matching tiles for the Book of Skellos and scenarii using Modiphius tile system (that will be buyable too, I presume) and, I guess, the new minis. -- the Beyond the Monolith Campaign: a Core Set with the rules and what is needed to play a VS game, this will come with 4 faction boxes for Conan, 2 of which being sufficient to play at this Conan VS game. A bunch of these miniatures will the same as the one in the previous Conan game. This VS game for Conan will come with new maps and VS scenarii. A player will create freely an army from his faction box, picking the warriors the best suited for the scenario. - There will be campaigns using Beyond the Monolith system with other games: 3 Zombicide games (classic, Black plague and Invaders) and Cthulhu Wars. I haven't covered it all, but it's the main things I remember.
  9. In reference to a a famous french TV spot from the 80's. It probably never been aired outside french-speaking countries. But a few years later, the actor (Marc de Jonge) played the evil russian in Rambo 3. That being said, I'm running a mini painting contest. - OK, wot's the prize ? - An "Everlasting wet palette" from Redgrass Games. Redgrass Games will graciously provide me the item. Thanks to them! I suppose il will be this one : https://www.redgrassgames.com/everlasting-wet-palette/everlasting-wet-palette-painter/ I could keep it like the fat cheapskate that I am, but since I already bought one a while back, I don't intend to start a collection*. I'll cover the shipping fees to you, since I'm super nice and it's Christmas soon. *it would be appreciated that those who already own this palette do not enter the contest, but I can't send spies everywhere, so do as you wish. - Kay wot do I need to do ? - Just post a photo of one of your painted minis, under this post. A single miniature, painted by yourself (if it's painted by your spouse or kid it's OK, though). Two photos maximum (front/back). The mini must be from a Monolith game (Conan, Batman, Claustrophobia, Mythic Battles). It can be a mini that you painted previously, or one that you'll paint during the coming month. - Yup. When does that run ? - Contest starts : now, 02 december 2019. Contest ends : in one month, 02 january 2020. - And who gets the stuff eventually ? - The winner will be designated by a fair jury, composed of several undisputed international experts (i.e. me and my wife, and maybe one of the cats will chime in). Everybody has a chance to win, be it the seasoned professional or the trowel-painter, since the criteria are not established yet ! To quote a famous french philosopher : "One cannot really bet everything on one's looks. Especially you. So if I can give you any advice, it's : forget you don't have a chance, go for it!"
  10. paolocostello

    Conan in Spain

    Silfus yo soy de Córdoba! fijo que nos conocemos, al menos de vista. Por cierto, si alguien se maneja maquetando, me ofrezco para echar una mano traduciendo quitando la literalidad del google translator. Sobre todo me gustaría traducir el Monolirth sourcebook de Modiphius, aunque suenan campanas de una traducción oficial del material rolero pronto...
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  12. Hi there! I was wondering if some of you were playing to Warhammer Underworld. I've heard of it while buying some paint and as my son's interest towards Age of Sigmar was growing, I suggested to him to start instead playing to Nightvault, because it will less expensive and easier to play with other players (no need to have loads of minis before you can play). So he got the base game for his birthday, along with two warbands that he found really neat: Mollog's Mob and Zarbag's Gitz (thanks to his godfather and godmother), and I bought for myself Shadespire (the previous base game that was still in store, due to the fact it was a German box) and Thundrik's Profiteers. I spent some time painting in secret unofficial settings for the game, which I gave to him for his birthday as well. And after some work, here is my first mini painted for this game: a Kharadon dwarf, Garodd Alensen: What about you? Do you play this game? Which warbands do you use? Did you paint some of these stunning minis, by any chance? If yes, I'm really curious to see them!
  13. Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
  14. Some more news from elsewhere, yet relates well to this topic: I think they could really work in these scenarios Especially since other parts they have for sale can match up with other elements from the scenarios being planned/developed/made Great work there @Arthadan!
  15. I'll check in on the progress of the French build and beta testing = 😀
  16. So any new news from Trick Track live? Or is everything already on Monolith facebook page? There was a brief mention of another potential license - a 2nd life kit for Cthulu Wars - No further details as yet - but OMG!
  17. Turn off the background images and export to a pdf.
  18. The latest installment of my Savage Avengers series of scenarios for Conan by Monolith is available to download. This one is for the solo/ co-op mode found in the Monolith Sourcebook. Wolverine and Black Widow join Conan in the search for Bruce Banner, who has been compromised by what appears to be Stygian sorcery. Savage Avengers: Compromised is inspired by a Conan Vs. variant cover from The Immortal Hulk comic. When I saw it, I wondered how that fight would turn out. This series of scenarios based on the Savage Avengers comic. My goal is to write a Conan scenario that can be played with regular Conan game content- but with a Marvel style storyline for those who may be interested and have buckets of old Heroclix sitting around. I match each Marvel character to a Conan character. For example, in Compromised, I use the Demon of the Earth to represent the Hulk. Niord, from the Nordheim expansion, is used to represent Wolverine. Ambidextrous and red defense dice are perfect for his claws and healing factor. So it works both ways- you can play it with your regular Conan content or you can swap in some Heroclix and go for the Savage Avengers vibe! Enjoy! Savage Avengers Compromised 1.pdf
  19. So any new news from Trick Track live? Or is everything already on Monolith facebook page?
  20. I am an old man and honestly am not sure what this entails - if its something easy to do then maybe.
  21. Silfus

    Conan in Spain

    Lo cierto es que me he sentido muy decepcionado con el rumbo warhemero que ha tomado el juego, esperaba expansiones de Turán o de Xuchalt...
  22. Silfus

    Conan in Spain

    Esperemos que salga el PDF, yo me descargue las traducciones que hicieron los chicos de LABSK, pero las expansiones de Estigia, Nordheim y Khitai las tengo que ir traduciendo a pachas con el traductor del Google...😅
  23. Silfus

    Conan in Spain

    Es muy posible que pase del mecenazgo, tengo como 20 pictos, otros tantos piratas, otros tantos guardias más cinco ballesteros. Como mucho me pilló la caja de conversión y la de mercenarios. Es un pena en lugar de un descuento deberían sacar cajas mini con 20 minis de tropa y la nuevas de héroes, para los que ya tenemos el material de las aventuras...
  24. Is there, or will there be, a printer-friendly version?
  25. I'm not hinting at that box, sorry. Nothing will be reprinted in it's original form, but you are going to find you'll be able get much more for much less. That will make more sense when we reveal the offerings.
  26. Year 100 version of Batman
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