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  2. Thanks you, sir. As to the origins of the skill, I'm not sure, but that's how I've always interpreted it. In Batman it seems they wanted more versality with the skill but for Conan they hadn't taken that measure. In any case, for now Conan's adventure mode rules will stay the same and we'll add to the existing scenario pool. Perhaps Adventure Mode will get an overall in the future--one where there's a common system for all themes, but not just yet.
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  4. Oh okay, that's totally cool if it was intentional. I assumed it was a little bit of a fudge up on the designer side and that the original intent was to have the skills take up different design spaces, because the two skills had different names. If the two skills were meant to be different degrees of the same skill, I expected them to be named something along the lines of Evasive I and Evasive II. Or, maybe something closer to Batman where it's Evasive with a number underneath it. If they were meant to be the same type of skill, but just differing in degrees, I'm totally on board with Evasive and Feline Grace as it is. That was my bad for assuming designer intent by reading in between the lines. Thanks for taking the time to hop in Matt, your activity community management is always appreciated.
  5. Indeed. Fred had something come up and could not do it but promises to reschedule.
  6. I've read on Tric Trac that the live is postponed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
  7. The focus of the KS will indeed be on Versus mode as it's something Monolith is really happy with and proud of. We want Conan players to have much more freedom to use the hordes of miniatures they have with much more choice. It's an excellent mode--one I'm constantly hearing about as people express their surprise at it. I'm not sure why it's surprising, but yes, Versus mode is awesome and I personally can t wait to have it for Conan. But don't worry, we will have more Adventure Mode scenarios and maybe even a short solo/co-op campaign that uses the Sourcebook rules, should people want that. As I always ask those clamouring for more Adventure Mode scenarios--have you played them all? There are something like 70 scenarios out there plus the excellent community work. In any case, I love AdventureMode, you love and Adventure Mode, and we shall have more Adventure mode 😉
  8. I believe a lesser version of Evasive is just fine. Why shouldn't there be degrees? Evasive is extremely powerful and shouldn't be used for every agile character.
  9. Thanks for this! I’m sure I’m not the only one who appreciates it, greatly.
  10. Erratum: the live will be screened not on Tuesday, but on Thursday (today). I'm sorry: I always mix up those two days. It will be on 14h30 (UTC+2).
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  12. Yeah, I am curious to see what the Second Life initiative is about. Here is my list: CMON (Zombicide, Massive Darkness, Trudvang Legends) Grimlord Games (Village Attacks & Everrain) Dark Gate Games (Vampire Hunters & Dark Rituals) Diemention Games (Deep Madness) Emergent Games (Fireteam Zero)
  13. Hi all, Anyone here having problems with Monoliths customer support? i backed the 1.5 Kickstarter for the 1.5 upgrade pack. Because I was a backer of the first Kickstarter and it went well, I thought, yep, gonna want those updated rules. something went wrong between Kickstarter and fluent. The data transfer didn’t work correctly because my original pledge on Kickstarter, which was paid when the campaign ended did not show up on Fluent. now I’m almost positive it was there when fluent went live, cause I could log in, and I bought a $20 add on, and added the free card back clips for backers of the first Kickstarter. but somewhere between then and shipping my original pledge went missing. now I can absolutely prove that I pledged and paid for the 1.5 upgrade pack. BY JUDT LOOKING AT KICKSTARTER!! but monolith is refusing to help me because it doesn’t show up on Fluent. now maybe it’s partly my fault for not noticing this sooner. BUT KICKSTARTER SHOWS I PLEDGED FOR IT AND PAID! Before Fluent! i just can’t understand why a company would refuse and argue with a customer who can provide a bank statement showing they paid for what they pledged for and completely ignore them.
  14. Scenario editor is being tested in the french community, would it be possible to release the beta test?
  15. Regarding your question about how to win in Batman Versus Mode, you typically play scenarios and each scenario has a different victory condition. You can find a copy of the Versus Mode rulebook right here on this site:
  16. I like it. I like it a lot in fact. Ofcourse I need to see more details (prices for Universe boxes etc) but as an idea I like it a lot. I'm not familliar with Batman versus mode (well obviously I know the basics but not the specifics of it) so I'll need to ask: Is there only one mission/way to win ("Last man standing") or are there other scenarios/missions in this mode? I only hope that Monolith will produce new content for Conan KS (new miniatures, new boards etc.) so I won't have duplicates, or that Monolith will provide upgrade packs of some sort... I'm also really excited about this Second Life initiative... So many possibilities! I would love to see agreements with CMON (Zombicide, Massive Darkness, Blood Rage, Rising Sun even Rum'n'Bones or Trudvang Legends eventually... - Maybe it's that big partner mentioned in FAQ... At least I hope so!) and Kingdom Death - It would be nice to have another use for those miniatures...
  17. Thanks for the heads up about the video. I’m pretty excited to see what’s going to be in the new kickstarter. My group will probably be strictly adventure mode, so I’m a little disappointed to hear that the KS will be focused on versus mode. Im always down to buy some more minis though. Also, I hope they fix a couple ends and ends with the Conan rules like the fact that Feline Grace is just a way crummier Evasive.
  18. More news on the Trictrac forum, where @Fred Henry said that: Here's a rough translation: * the Tric-Trac community is a large French-speaking website about boardgames. ** Guillaume is someone working for Tric-Trac, Phal was the founder of Tric-Trac but has recently retired from it, Croc is a game developer who was behind, among other games, Claustrophobia, and I'm ashamed to admit that I have no idea about who Pit is. From this, and what I've read on the French-speaking forum, it seems to me that this campaign will focus on a Versus Mode of Conan, something similar to what was made for Batman. And to answer to @garbetsp's question, with the few info I've read here and there, I guess that some of the content of this new campaign will be the same as the one from the initial Conan campaign. I hope that the players of Conan won't have to buy everything again, as Fred Henry answerd on another thread, to a member of the Overlord that was saying that he was saving gold coins for the January campaign that seasonned players of Conan will need only copper coins. I guess we'll get more precise news on Thursday.
  19. I hope they have decent upgrade kits for the faithful.
  20. Some news regarding what Monolith is up to for 2020:
  21. "What is a gorgeous thing like you doing traveling alone through a place like this?" An encounter with bandits while traveling alone takes a surprise twist. A quick and easy scenario that uses some Modiphius tiles from Perilous Runs and Forgotten Cities and the Corinthia expansion along with some Mythic Battles: Pantheon miniatures. Please forgive the format. It's not asetically pleasing, but all the information is there. 🙂 When the Scenario Editor is back online I'll sweeten it up. Thanks! Traveling Alone.pdf
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  23. https://seordp.org/DomCop is an expired domain search engine. Why use DomCop? DomCop helps you find great expired domains easily. With a click of a button.DomCop is an expired domain search engine. Why use DomCop? DomCop helps you find great expired domains easily. With a click of a button.
  24. It will be part of a solo/co-op campaign that is in the works. It will include that one and a whole lot more.
  25. Hi Monolith. Please, can get reprient of IV Overlord for both Batman and Claustrophobia that i am a backer? In the time in the publictions i cannot try to buy it and now i am not happy. Please. It's posible to have it in some kind? Best reguards. Massimo Tupone
  26. Very nice work @Ken! Love the color choices. If I recall, Khemsa was among the last of the stretch goal minis I painted, quite awhile back. I’ll be curious to see your home-brewed hero sheet and scenario if you wind up sharing them here.
  27. Moving so slow these days with regards to painting minis. House renovation ALMOST done. So hopefully back to normal soon. Anyways, got the last of the Dreadfleet ephemera done: a marker which indicates wind direction, or if flipped, indicates the arrival of the Maelstrom!... Actually not 100% sure what that means in terms of gameplay as I’ve not played this game yet, but I like the sound of it!
  28. Arthadan

    Conan in Spain

    No estoy muy seguro, si recuerdo bien cuesta un punto extra de movimiento cruzar la puerta porque se supone que tienes que apartar la cortina, pero el escenario tal y como está diseñado no permite "apartar la cortina" (que debería ser manipulación, más que movimiento) sin entrar. Hay que tener cuidado con estas modificaciones, porque pueden afectar al equilibrio del escenario.
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