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  2. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken have you thought about using the Giant Scorpian tile from the Original Kickstarter? They have 2 armour and cause a lot more damage. You may have to reduce the number of scorpions otherwise they could be devastating.
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  5. Online scenario editor

    Thanks, my 1st scenario is completed. Very nice tool. However in my scenario I start with gems being placed on the map, but cannot choose those red/blue gem icons. Can it be added? Thanks for creating this tool!
  6. i am in the camp of no Conan. i understand that i may be the only member of that camp, but nonetheless, that's where i am. i want things for MBP and would hate to have things made for Conan over things for MBP. tiles? can those not be made at home/office?
  7. Community Generated Campaign

    Scenario 1 The Time For Flight Is Nigh https://www.conan-scenarios.com/scenarioPage.php?MissionId=1038
  8. Upgrage for 1st Edition?

    I think that all expansions will be reprinted during KS, either as Stretch Goals or as Add-ons. I mean, there is no reason not to do this, and it is almost certain that Claustrophobia will be another successful campaign. However, if you have base game and hope to buy only expansions it will be unlikely because: 1. Normally during KS to get add-ons you need to buy base game (that was the case in all KS I backed) 2. They probably will not be compatible with previous editions (different card backs, different tokens, and probably core rules will be changed)
  9. Community Generated Campaign

    I rolled 2 double hits hits in a row with Yogah plus Conan has attacked a couple of times. Though Conan can't do much cause he has to defend so much. And I agree the scorpions are very weak.
  10. Community Generated Campaign

    Yes, I'm a member. Ken Meyri. By the way, I can't post a link to the The Trap on the editor page, because it doesn't currently accommodate 2 maps. I have to download 2 different scenarios and then edit the PDF files manually.
  11. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken @Neil Amswych @Primeval, @drmauric Can you guys post a link to your scenarios from the editor page? I want to put the links all in one post, not the pdfs, because when people access it I want it to be the latest version. Once I have those I'll do my post. I almost have mine written up too. I'll make a pinned post in Conan Gaming Group and bump it every once in a while. Also, Ken, what is your name in Conan Gaming Group? Are you in there?
  12. Community Generated Campaign

    Ken, whenever you're done. You're done. there is no rush, but let's keep our steady pace. I'm about to post in Conan Gaming Group that we're looking for testers.
  13. Community Generated Campaign

    Wow, you must roll better than me! On yellow dice I roll blanks 95% of the time (which usually sucks except for this scenario). As a matter of fact, I have play-tested this about 10 times and he has only lost a total of 3 health. That being said, it makes sense that he would take more damage for average dice rollers. However, I want the self damage to be part of balancing the scenario (and it is important thematically) - especially since the overlord has the advantage (with Atali). I am actually considering restricting the event tile to 1 activation per Overlord turn to keep the end game being so overwhelmingly in favor of the overlord. This would have the side affect of cutting down on Yogah's self-damage and force the overlord to soften Conan up with crossbowmen/guardsmen reinforcements. Of course, I have to make sure this doesn't swing the non-Atali version too far in favor of the heroes. FYI - I am also thinking about replacing the useless scorpions with assassins (the ones without reinforcement points) and re-positioning them so they aren't as easy to mow down in one turn.
  14. Community Generated Campaign

    @Neil Amswych The Wolves tile in the Nordheim expansion is identical to the Hyenas tile in the core box. The Giant Wolf models, unfortunately, are KS Exclusive.
  15. Community Generated Campaign

    If we’re doing side missions, could we do one with a pack of wolves?
  16. Community Generated Campaign

    @Ken. I have been testing the Trap and it is a tough one. I have gotten to the stage where Yogah is down to a couple of gems left and I am too scared to activate the event tile in case I kill him. Was this part of your thinking when creating the scenario?
  17. Upgrage for 1st Edition?

    Hi sorry to hijack the topic, i'm just curious, are the expansions being reprinted too or only the base game?
  18. Community Generated Campaign

    I started working on what I hope will be a great Optional Sidequest. I'm planning on using the one retail component we haven't worked in yet, the Kushite Witch Hunters. (also the Village map, Hyenas and Belit's Guards) And it will involve potentially losing Hadrathus' spell book for the remainder of the Campaign. It would go after Scenario 2. My idea is that it can be used to add replay value to the entire campaign, maybe an optional extra challenge for Heroes that are having too easy of a time and of course putting those Witch Hunters to good use. I'll keep you posted.
  19. Conan in Spain

    Hola amigos. Leyendo las reglas del juego que han tradumaquetado en LABSK me han surgido algunas dudas. Me las podéis aclarar? - En la defensa se pueden usar a la vez armadura+casco? - Si como Overlord activo una loseta de cazadores pictos a coste de 1 gema, coloco dicha loseta al final del río, en el siguiente turno si quiero seguir atacando con los cazadores pictos que había activado en el turno anterior ¿debo volver a pagar 8 gemas para seguir atacando con ellos? o ¿al estar ya activados no hay que pagar más por ellos? Gracias. P. D. Al final me quedé sin el compendio de aventuras, me despisté y se me pasó el plazo. Esas aventuras están en la página web de Monolith?
  20. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Hello, I'm sorry but it's too late. We will certainly do a second wave a little later.
  21. Compendium The overlord: tome 1 (EN).

    Im from Germany and mine hasnt arrived yet. I suppose there is no tracking number to track it?
  22. Slovak Scenarios

    ye , it was tested ,... when i have more time i translate to ENG ,... :D
  23. Line of Sight ambiguity

    Hi there. There was much discussion on the French-Speaking forum regarding lines of sight. @Roolz provided maps with LoS: For the pict village: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/372-ldv-plateau-village-picte/ For the ships: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/378-lvd-bateaux/ For the ruined fort: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/377-ldv-fortin-en-ruines/ For the inn: https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/376-ldv-taverne/ I hope this is helping.
  24. Line of Sight ambiguity

    Hello. New player here. After some search for an answer regarding line of sight clarification on certain maps like Pict village, it's clear there isn't one. After 2 years since initial release and following a rule book revision, Monolith still hasn't released a diagram or even a comment regarding clarification for things like perspective, slight wall clipping, etc. Why leave a rule like this open to interpretation on fixed maps? Seems like a poor game design that frustrates me more than it should. This seems like such a simple thing to address. English speaking only, so obviously I don't know if this has been addressed previously on French forums/other.
  25. Temple 3D

    I hope someone prints these off and sells them for reasonable money in the UK, I'd buy one.
  26. Slovak Scenarios

    Hope these get play tested and translated into English.
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  28. Community Generated Campaign

    Looks like things are moving along! I am going to run The Trap through a few more tests tonight. Once I am confident it is halfway decent, I will switch gears and revisit The Streets of Khemi, which still needs to be updated with the campaign specific items (atali's possible presence, victory gems, Haddy's spellbook, etc.). What is our time frame looking like at this point?
  29. Community Generated Campaign

    Tile colours have been updated so "Fight or Flight?" is ready to go. Thanks.
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