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  3. Hi there! Looking for inspiration on the internet, I stumbled upon an stunning tutorial about a realistic way to paint stone. As I thought it may interest some of you around here (there are pillars on MBP, for instance), I thought it could be interesting to post it around here. This technique looks time consuming, but its result is quite impressive in my opinion.
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  5. Ken

    The Streets of Khemi

    Sweet! I'll try to get an updated version posted this weekend.
  6. Neil Amswych

    The Streets of Khemi

    @Ken, if you make some tweaks I could try playtesting it again next week.
  7. Last week
  8. garbetsp

    Show your Captain

    You know the drill. Now hop to it soldier!
  9. garbetsp

    Show your Shevatas!

    My 2nd attempt.
  10. garbetsp

    Inn's furniture

    And I swore a sailor's promise I wasn't buying any more gaming stuff this month.
  11. garbetsp

    Picts sting!

    If we're on a tangent about artistic complaints, my personal one is Khosatral Khel. That guy is a metallic android in the story, not a muscle buffed beefeater.
  12. Not Quite Dead


    The mummies in this game are easy and quick to paint. Not sure it'll be the same with the one of Conan.
  13. With that guy, I used for the first time the Typhus Corrosion by Citadel. A really neat paint that should come handy when I'll be painting all those skellies. There may be too much brown on that rather dark miniature. It was my first try at painting obsidian blades too. And your Primitives? What do they look like?
  14. Not Quite Dead

    The Shivering Hands

    I once had Dr Strangelove's hands transplanted on me. This is not very convenient when it comes to painting miniatures (or to doing anything else), but those Picts won't paint themselve, will they?
  15. Strijdparel

    Online scenario Editor

    Hey tet2brick, Thanks again for making this great tool. I don't have any technical skill my self, so I have no idea how difficult this must have been to make. I also don't know if the sugestions that I am going to give are even technically possible but here it goes: I have 5 sugestions to make the tool even better than it now already is 🙂 1. Could you make it possible that we can make multiple scenarios in one file so that if we plan to make a campaign it can all be found in one file? 2. Some people would like to make this a game for 5-6 players on one map, so could you add 2 more players into the mix (although I personally think it is not the best idea to play with 5-6 players on one map, maybe some people could make it work with some scenario's)? 3. Could you make it possible so that under the Various tab you can also edit in trees and columns into the map? 4. Could you make it possible to make this program available offline, perhaps with a download or something like that? 5. Also there is one map I am missing; the unoffical Rockpools map from update #163 from the original campaign. Was this perhaps left out intentionally? Minor nitpicks: When you can select the forces for each player in the troops tab there are some troops without talents. Keep in mind I am a version 1.5 backer so I don't have the actual cards, but I tought every troop has talents. The cards it concerns are: -Infernal Artillerymen -Stymphalian Birds -Toxotai The area where you can drag the units to the map under the tab monster not all are corectly alphabetised namely these two: Charybdis and Ketos. In the same tab under Titans Atlas is also not corectly alphabetised In the same tab under Troops they are totally not alphabetised but the rest of the site is... Also you might want to split up the word infernalartillerymen so that in the layout it does not mess with the other troops in the tab. Last but not least, I would like to say this is a very powerful tool. Did you ever think of asking some money for it? If you don't want any money for it you could at least put your paypal adres on the site so people can give you somthing just as a little thank you. I know I would 🙂
  16. Just discovered a great post about the future of the Claustrophobia campaign and how distribution will be handled. From the comments in the article a launch date is still TBD.
  17. My list: -Arkantos from Age of Mythology -Xena from Xena warrior princess series -Gabrielle from Xena warrior princess series -Joxer the Mighty from Xena warrior princess series -Meg from disney movie Hercules -Phil from disney movie Hercules -Pain and Panic from disney movie Hercules -Wonder Woman -Kratos from God of war What would your list be?
  18. Here are some ideas for the new run in december what I personally would like to see. For me a few new scenarios or maps are always welcome. Also an officially printed map of the Rock Pool would be very nice. Here is a list of models wich I would like to see: Ablsolutely needed Models: -Charon (Hero/Monster) Already Confirmed -Demeter (God) -Three fates (Hero/Monster) Much appreciated Models: -Hestia (God) -Helen of Troy (Hero) -Oracle of Delphi (Hero/Monster) (nice gameplay posibilities; looking at the cards in deck, or at other people cards in the hand) -Tantalus (Hero/Monster) -Narcissus (Hero/Monster) Would also be nice but not per se needed/ highly unlikely -Morpheus (God) (nice gameplay posibilities; putting a unit to sleep) -Nike (God) -Pegasus only (without Bellerophon) (Monster) -Reprint of the Winged Ape (Monster) -Reprint of Ketos (Monster) What would you personally like to see?
  19. Dear Monolith, Congratulations on a very good reprint campaign! Don't be discouraged by some of the negative comments in the comment section of the kickstarter campaign. I went all in, and I will be back in december to back the new expansions for the game. I am also going to back Ragnarok next year. Keep up with the good work. Can't wait till february that I can play this game with my gaming group.
  20. drmauric

    The Streets of Khemi

    @Ken I'll vouche for the importance of this change. I played it wrong. I made the exact mistake Neil described. Oops. I guess I owe you another run through.
  21. Not Quite Dead

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    You could try to send a PM to @SentMa.
  22. Neil Amswych

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Nope. Only the Dark Demon.
  23. tayhuck

    Compendium 2En & 3EN.

    I never received the first compendium despite having paid on fluent. I can’t figure out how to contact anybody about not having received it. Anybody know the best way to contact them? Thanks.
  24. Primeval

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Alright, I will take care of that as well - thanks for the heads up. Edit: Actually there is no Dark Demon in mine, unless the medallion works against the Outer Dark Demon as well?
  25. Neil Amswych

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    We playtested The Streets of Khemi tonight. Loved it but it's very unbalanced and in need of serious modification and then more playtesting. Feel free to look at our comments here...
  26. Neil Amswych

    Community Campaign Playtest Hub

    Any scenario that comes after Fight or Flight and has the Dark Demon (but not the Outer Dark Demon) in it also needs to have blurb for the Medallion from Fight or Flight... "If a hero engaging in a melee attack against the Dark Demon is carrying the Medallion of Zhangpau, its Guard is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 2."
  27. Neil Amswych

    The Streets of Khemi

    Just spent a couple of hours playtesting this tonight. Introduction We love this scenario. We love the map, we love the idea. We love the Scepter with the spell. We love the Atali Enchantment (Conan fell and took 2 damage immediately!). We really enjoy the idea that you need to kill a demon in order to get an artifact in order to attack Shuang Mian. Areas for Work .... but, this scenario as it currently is is totally unbalanced in favour of the Overlord. We played with Atali in the game but without any other things, such as the heroes having the Medallion from Fight or Flight, or any other level up abilities or communal gems. Even so, even if we had used them, it would have been totally unbalanced. Here are the reasons why... By the end of the game, Conan had one gem left and Hadrathus, Niord and Ikhmet were dead. The Overlord had only three models off the tables - two Javelin Throwers and Atali. That's absolutely unbalanced. There are a number of reasons why we believed that this happened: 1) The Reinforcement rate is way too high. We would suggest dropping it to 4 or 5. I was able to reinforce Javelin Throwers and fired 5 of them onto Ikhmet in one turn. That was crazy, especially half way through the game. 2) There are too many Dark Demons. The Outer Dark Demon is a viable target, although with a Guard of 3 and health of 10, it's tough to kill. But then to have the Dark Demon on top it's just pure muscle and way too much attack. 3) Apart from Atali, there's really no chance for the heroes to take out a tile, thereby causing the OL to have to dredge the river. There are too many models per tile. As the OL, I didn't even get to use Mind Control because of the movement limit of 2. That means that the Xuthal's Crowns were irrelevant. It's so hard to get the two sorcerers together that in fact all the OL has to do at the moment is kill Hadrathus because if the heroes get close to killing the Outer Dark Demon it can just fly away so they never get the Stygian Artifact and therefore have to kill Thoth Amon. Since Thoth Amon has Set Halo, Bori's Rage isn't enough to really do him much damage so the heroes then have to find the Scepter. But since Hadrathus is the only person who can use the Scepter, if you kill him then that's game over for the heroes. Suggested Changes There are a few things that need to be changed. Not all of them, though, because that would be too unbalanced the other way! 1) Take out the Outer Dark Demon. Have the Stygian Artifact be the reward for killing the Dark Demon. That's still a very hard thing to do, especially with Jinx and a Guard of 3. This would be our first recommendation by far. Others include... 2) Reduce the Reinforcement rate, perhaps to 4 or 5. 3) Split the Bossonian Guards into two tiles. 4) Reduce the gem recovery rate. 5) Have anyone be able to use the Scepter. Perhaps non-spellcasters suffer a -1 damage penalty. Another change that isn't about game balance but is about how the game feels is the Crossbow. Nobody's using that. Three of the heroes roll yellows for ranged attacks and the only one who doesn't is Conan and he's not using a Crossbow. So, either change that for an Empty Chest or, if you want to increase the balance towards the heroes again, an Explosive Orb. The Explosive Orb could be a lot of fun if the heroes can get the OL's minions to bunch up a little. Conclusion In theory, this is an excellent boss battle and wonderful way to end a campaign narrative. In practice at the moment, it's totally unbalanced and would be a very frustrating way to end a campaign. One or two tweaks might really change that. But this needs some serious playtesting to balance it out before it's ready. P.S. You need to add text from Fight or Flight about the Medallion, in case the heroes have it.
  28. Ken

    The Streets of Khemi

    Good idea. I will clarify the rule with this revised text. They can melee attack another hero, range attack another hero, move, and drop gear. Yes, I think we are. Good catch! Thanks.
  29. Neil Amswych

    The Streets of Khemi

    What's the point of the Stygian Artifact? Never mind, I found it. Smart.
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