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  2. https://www.batman-scenarios.com Create your own missions - villainous plots, heroic foils - all the tools at your finger tips - sleuth heavy or action heavy - your call. _ Enjoy,
  3. https://www.batman-scenarios.com Live and kicking - still a few bugs - and corrections to be concluded this week - Make those Missions -
  4. Hi, I also think it's a great tool. Sad that so many scenario's got lost. I recreated my own (Early winter in Corinthia) and just finished another one (Phial of Hurricanes). Would be great if someone can help play test. Still, there is a big issue that many of the river tiles are not there, especially for the expansions. I use several of them and they contain no picture of the unit in the river. Tet2Brick, can you look into this? It's very obvious if you look into the river options and look at the last available tiles. Thanks
  5. Last week
  6. Thank you for your support 🙂 We are working on it
  7. It won't be soon, unfortunately, Xeno. The designers who worked on this are English speaking and we haven't yet translated the rules doc to French. But it will come.
  8. Thanks, but don' forget the french translate for that !!!!
  9. Glad tidings from the Nemedian Chroniclers! Mitra appeared to us in lotus dreams (as we have been indulging in much lotus lately) and commanded us to deliver to you a very special Chronicle. During weeks of isolation in our web shrouded towers, we collaborated across the gulfs of space and time to weave for you a chilling tale of sorcery and betrayal that sets into motion the adventure found in the Tome of Skelos. What sinister events transpired to bewitch the sea captain and drive him to madness? The answer may lay back in the village… Written by Dan Mauric, “Back in the Village” serves as an introduction to the solo/ co-op campaign found in the upcoming Tome of Skelos. This free download does not replace any content of the Tome. It is a gift for the faithful and fanatical supporters of The Conqueror Kickstarter to help weather the strange season we find ourselves in. This new scenario uses only Core Box components and offers suggestions for adding a 4th player. We’ve also included some additional hero options in case some don’t return to the ship… Hopefully these pages will satiate your curiosity and bolster your morale while you await the delivery of your completed Tome. CONAN_Back_In_The_Village.pdf Kushite Character Sheets.pdf
  10. It took me some time to paint, but I'm happy with the result 🙂
  11. HI Node-runner - BGG has some cool although flow chart heavy solo rules - getting some good press on that forum - You comments about a big box for all the PZ minis is received loud and clear - Glad that even during the pandemic your pledge got to you.
  12. Looking forward to seeing the new url, very interested in this app
  13. Being locked up at home comes with some advantage: for instance, once your remote work is done, you can manage to come back to long-waiting miniatures, like this kharadron teammate.
  14. Hi there! Here's a gallery with my paintjobs for non-Monolith games.
  15. Would you be able to give us an idea of what you're talking about? I don't have a copy of the Batman rules. Please and Thank you.
  16. Oops ... victim of his success? free hosting is suspended .... I will give you a new url as soon as possible
  17. Since the numbers below each mini is the total number of that mini used in the scenario, I a strongly leaning toward 0. In other words each tile that has x3 beneath it has 2 minis on the board and 1 mini in the available pool. That is what I am going with, but I would still appreciate a thumbs up or down.
  18. For Mission 12: The purge, there are 9 villain minis on the board and 4 in the available pool at the start of the game. How many should be in the character pool? 0 or 4? It depends on where the available pool is drawn from the box or the initial character pool, which is not covered by the mission book rules.
  19. "The SPINACH DEMON!" - my wife when she saw the miniature 😅
  20. Earlier
  21. And here's a short video showing the work done for this game:
  22. Anyone taken a stab at doing this? My wife and I play 1v1 most often and enjoy the river style of play more than simply controlling multiple full character dashboards. Anyone had any luck doing something like this?
  23. And here's the fourth hero, Yainar: Everything is painted for now. Time to play until the scenario with the mysterious minis is reached!
  24. And the third hero: the traveller Tambatro, a cute golden dust gecko. I'm really glad with how its skin turned out.
  25. This is truly how the game was meant to be played. Nice work.
  26. And here comes the second hero: the fennec fox Akezan, charismatic rogue, liar among the liars, storyteller.
  27. Angela Suardi

    Angela Suardi

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