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  2. No worries, let me know how you get on with the campaign.
  3. I have been a bit out of fuel aswell, only started cleaning the minis up but got stuck on the bases for the female figures. Need to buy som plasticard but havent got around to it. Will post if I make any progress!
  4. Last week
  5. Yes, there is an official RN campaign starting this year (but I wouldn't say "too").
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  7. Isnt there an official Red Nails Kickstarter campaign starting this year too?
  8. The Nemedian Chroniclers are working pretty heavy on a different Conan project right now. We will circle back around to this once R** N**** is done.
  9. Amazing news! More Conan from Monolith! Super pumped by this. I missed out on the original Conan board game kickstarter, so would love the chance to get the exclusives and expansions. And the board game is so amazing, I can’t wait to see what Monolith do with the RPG license. My dream is that they create a solo RPG grand narrative campaign that would use the miniatures and maps of the board game. That would be awesome!
  10. I think the skeletons came as a stretch goal for MBP. If you didn't get it, you might need to proxy it.
  11. Hi, Ken - do I need to make my own custom tiles for those Corinthian Skeletons, or are they available for download? Love that this campaign lets me use all my Mythic Battles boards! Thanks!
  12. Hi all, Hope to get some clear and polite responses. Thanks.
  13. Thank you!!! Worked perfectly your way. I was copying the url straight from the page. Almost never worked. Sorry about the Leap thing - my scroll wheel had apparently stopped working. Looking forward to making a lot of custom sheets and tiles. 😎
  14. Works for me. Random web page, I right-click on the picture and copy image link. Then I paste link in the Studio, image appears in the preview (here the link is to a jpg): Use of images from the computer does not work at the moment, but it's in the to-do-list of the next release, as far as I remember. It is. In the Studio section, scroll down "Skills" menu -> Movement -> Leap. Have you tried to clean your cache and reload the app/website ?
  15. Also: I’ve just noticed that “Leap” is not available under skills.
  16. Hi - absolutely love the app, but I'm having a lot of trouble getting any artwork to load for the custom hero sheets. So far, only certain .png links will work. Is there any way to expand what will work on these or allow for direct uploads from my files? Even a full sample of a working link format might help. Thanks.
  17. Thanks a bunch! I haven't painted since summer. I want to, but I don't have enough fuel at the end of the day. When I manage to get back at it, I'll post what I've painted here. I'd love to see your work on this too, by the way.
  18. @crazy_volucris Hi Birdy, I just removed the link yesterday, because this scenario was updated and added into the Tales of the South. So better to download that one as it has a lot of scenarios bundled.
  19. Hi, maybe it's my safari browser, but i cant see any link in the first post at all 😮 (Edit: tried it with chrome... same here...) best birdy
  20. Roolz

    To Mag V EN

    We're looking into it but we have to do print tests first. Lulu has constraints that impact the layout.
  21. Thank you! I know many players have been looking forward to a new issue of The Overlord. Since there are no plans for print edition, would it be possible to have a version that we can print on Lulu.com?
  22. SentMa

    To Mag V EN

    Hello, we have no plans to print at this time.
  23. ColtsFan76

    To Mag V EN

    Will this be published in magazine format or only PDF?
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