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  3. Hello all at Monolith and this forum! I've tried to contact Monolith throughout the contact forms, but at this moment you can only choose Conan or Mythic Battles in the form. So I decided to post a message here. I want ot ask he guys at Monolith if it would be possible to buy a map from Season 1. My nephew accidentally tore one of them, it's not badly damaged, but I want to buy a new one to replace it. I'm backing Season 3 and wanted to know if that would be possible. Of course paying for it. Thank you
  4. View File Quickstart-EN-V1(WEB) Quickstart v1 for Batman™ : Gotham City Chronicles The Roleplaying Game (WEB Version) Submitter Lug Submitted 05/24/2022 Category Rules  
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Quickstart v1 for Batman™ : Gotham City Chronicles The Roleplaying Game (WEB Version)
  6. Our Conan gaming group would like to recommend that the Halberd be understood to have the Reach capability *going forward*. (We realize that applying this capability retroactively, may be unbalancing, except in those scenarios which explicitly stated that it did.) By definition, a halberd is a polearm, with an average length of 5' to 6'. As Britannica puts it, "It enabled a foot soldier to contend with an armoured man on horseback; the pike head was used to keep the horseman at a distance, and the ax blade could strike a heavy cleaving blow to finish the opponent." If you've seen examples, you can appreciate why this is true. Accordingly, we would recommend that the halberd considered to have reach. Thanks for reading and considering
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  8. Hi, not sure if this is the correct place to ask but will the new Conan the Conquerer stuff be added to the scenario editor? Kinda keen to get designing something with all the new goodies. Cheers.
  9. Mission Booklet - v8.pdf View File Latest version of The Mission Booklet(W.I.P) Submitter Lug Submitted 05/19/2022 Category Official scenarios  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Latest version of The Mission Booklet(W.I.P)
  11. View File Batman_Rulebook_2.0_v10(W.I.P) Latest version of the rule book(W.I.P) Submitter Lug Submitted 05/19/2022 Category Rules  
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Latest version of the rule book(W.I.P)
  13. Man I hope someone is going to make a solo conversion of this.
  14. Excellent, and once again, just after I printed it 😝
  15. Here's an advance copy of the high res appendix files. I did not include Shubba because there is an official version of Shubba and I don't want to have two versions floating around. I am also not including the Winged Ape for this reason. CONAN_Chronicles_of_Vengeance_Appendix_FINAL.pdf
  16. Just printed off all my my scenarios to test. Going to be starting with this one tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
  17. I've got a new high res version of the cover to go along with the updated book.
  18. I will be uploading high res hero sheets and the new Overlord tile, but I don't think I will update the boon cards.
  19. Love the tile removing idea, not had a chance to try it yet.
  20. I've taken a crack at cleaning up the artwork on the cover, in case you don't have a higher resolution version. This is the Lulu cover with bleed etc added. Lulu Cover - Chronicles of Vengeance - Zombocom's version
  21. Cheers, will do. Any chance you've got individual files for the cards and tiles? I'd like to set them up for A4 printing.
  22. That came out pretty well! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the campaign.
  23. @Ken Lulu automatically added a couple of blank pages at the back. It's pretty thin, but works. The main work was adding manually adding bleed to the cover artwork with a clone brush, and adding in the spine. The cover could really do with a higher resolution version of that artwork though, and it's got quite a lot of jpg artifacts.
  24. In the 1st Scenario, Assault on Wayne Manor, is there a game element missing for the Bat-Robots??? We have station tokens, should the villains be able to turn off/neutralize the stations?
  25. @zombocom That looks awesome! Did you have to add pages to get it printed as a hardback? Can you show interior pics? The revised version I am working on has updated layout to match the new Tome of Skelos and a few clarifications, but otherwise is the same content.
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