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  2. And I forgot to thanks @pensareadaltro for the italian translation! Always in time, that's a plesaure to work with you!
  3. Here it is! As the Conqueror is coming to our mail boxes, the new 0.21 version of the Companion of Conan has been released! New boards, heroes, tiles, equipments, spells, minis, tokens and the final version of the coop rules. To be sure to see all, have a tour in the settings menu and in the expansions menu. Many thanks to @UrShulgi for giving us all the inputs and to @Roolz for its work on the line of sights. PS: ensure to clean your browser cache to make things goes well
  4. Maybe make a training room scenario
  5. I am glad to read this article.
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  8. Thank you Dan North for the work, and thank you Nesh-Shogta for bringing it to our attention.
  9. This scenario is improve by Dan North (graphic design Nesh-Shogta). "Many are probably aware that the original Hunting The Tigress scenario by Adnane Badi is heavily balanced in favour of the heroes, even with v2.0 revision published to the Monolith website. I wanted to share some things I learnt about the history of this scenario from reading old French forums from 2016. It turns out, the version that was play-tested was not the one that ultimately got released, and the playtest version was actually more balanced. An original tester was able to recall the original version he played. Just had a play-through of a reconstruction of the original version in a 4-player game on the weekend, and in my opinion this significantly improved the scenario (and existing balance issues aside, I do really enjoy the theme of this particular scenario). Changes were: - Reinforcement point added on Tigress, - Replace Shevatas with N'Gora (tribal mace, javelin). For those with Core Box only, maybe keep Shevatas but swap throwing knives with one or two javelins) - Overlord has first turn, instead of heroes." Hunting_the_Tigress_V3.pdf
  10. I had exactly the same experience ! Perhaps it was the same guy
  11. Roolz

    Compendium 4 EN

    2nd hand. Or use a printing service to have the files professionally printed & bound.
  12. Is there anyway to get printed versions of the compendiums at this point? I am especially interested in 2 & 4...
  13. Thank to you Barry, because you are one of those people who is involved to improve the adventure. I see what you mean by intractable OL. It happened to me to try to help some to improve the writing of their scenario, and even after having written 3 campaigns and game aids, my advice fails to help these OL. I gladly welcome suggestions from players (perfection must be an art, not an obsession).
  14. Thank you, kindly, Nesh-Shogta for your suggestions. I hope that this has not done violence to your intentions for the scenario, and I appreciate your indulging all these questions on this thread. Appreciatively, Barry
  15. @Roolz, Thank you for spending the time to dig that up and share it here. Thank you Nesh-Shogta and the rest on this thread for your indulgence and kindness in entertaining this question here. I hope that this has not been too out of place (next time, I will spin up a separate thread.) I hope you don't, but sometimes I encounter an OL intractable on a question, and need such source authorities. Thanks again, and kind regards, Barry
  16. Dears friends of the brotherhood of the dice of fate, I suggest the following changes for Scenario 6: - delete the special rule about the secret passage. - replacement of Bossonian guards by Eternal guards. - replace Kushite hunters Sacrifice skill by Counterattack.
  17. Well, the Circular Strike stuff is somewhat off-topic with your original question (i.e. "Kushite Hunters scenario unwinnable for heroes"): since players can choose their heroes, it's possible that none of them has Circular Strike (or the required 2-handed weapon)! That being said, about Circular Strike vs. Sacrifice, there's been some discussion on the French side of the forum, in 2017. Everyone agreed that remaining damage went to the other dudes, but there was disagreement about the detailed sequence of who does what . So a -now former- member of Monolith gave an official answer, which I translate hereunder (fell free to copy-paste it in the rules section on this side of the forum): #1: Hero with Circular Strike declares that he will use this skill, #2: Hero declares his target and the number of gems he will use for this action, #3: OL declares the mini that will be Sacrificed, #4: Hero rolls dice (= X successes), #5: The sacrificed mini dies (= successes - (armor+ life points)), #6: If there is any remaining damage, Hero announces his new target (it can be the same as in #2), #7: OL declares the mini that will be Sacrificed (if there are others with this skill in the area), #8: The sacrificed mini dies (= successes - (armor+ life points)), #9: Back to #6... (and as long as there is remaining damage). Practically, it still costs the Hero an awful lot of gems when the OL has several sacrifice-able dudes (and if OL can bring reinforcements, the main target is almost un-killable, I've experienced it firsthand). Edit: in the Kushite Hunters scenario, a Circular Strike hero would have to roll a total of 24 successes (=8*(2+1)) to kill all Bossonian guards before even thinking of hurting the boss.
  18. Hi @Ken Thanks for beginning with the statement of the two terms to assure we're on the same page, which we all at least are. It's just that so far he's not accepting our consensus on the interaction of the two. Yes, he's saying "a) the Sacrifice skill invalidates Circular Strike". He's adamant that unless we allow a single character (minion, esp.) the ability in the Sacrifice skill to absorb ALL the damage for a Circular Strike and protect everything behind it, we have invalidated Sacrifice. He says that makes Sacrifice "a useless skill for the OL and play balance is shot. " To reiterate to one of his quotes: " So, what you are saying is if a foot soldier stands in the way for leader/hero it still cuts through him, and still gets the leader hero. Then there is no use for sacrifice. It shaves a couple hits off a major attack." [sic] I could be persuaded to go along with the "b)" option, IF the OL (or Hero) whose character is being attacked, specified before the roll the full number of characters with Sacrifice to serve as meat shields (prespecification being a requirement) and then have Circular Strike go through them one at a time until either the strike was exhausted, or it finally cut into the initial target. This way, both Sacrifice and Circular Strike are honored, if that is to be the official ruling. Agreeing fully with your ballistics analogy, @Ken, I can't accept that Sacrifice completely vitiates Circular Strike with just one minion/character standing in the way as he asserts it must. Extending on that analogy, I'd frame it that one character can take on the full brunt of a single missle shot (spear, arrow, crossbow , bolt -- or bullet) or standard melee cut with any single-handed edged weapon, but not the equivalent of a fully automatic burst (esp. with a high caliber (50 ) machine gun that is spraying an entire mass or area. Again, I appreciate this discussion, and hope it is relevant to all. I certainly don't want to hijack a thread, yet this question has been the key to Scenario #6, the way this OL insists it be interpreted. I don't know if it's going to take an official clarification station from The Overlord forum, ex cathedra for him to be satisfied. Many thanks, Barry
  19. So we are on the same page: Sacrifice - When a friendly character in this character’s area is attacked, before dice are rolled, this character may choose to be attacked instead. This character cannot Guard for that defense. Circular Strike - When this character kills an enemy character with a 2-handed Melee Attack, another enemy character in the same area suffers the excess damage from the attack (if that character is killed, repeat this process). Is your friend is saying that a) the Sacrifice skill invalidates Circular Strike, or b) that the Sacrifice skill can be used to redirect the excess damage from a Circular Strike over and over until there are no more units with Sacrifice? Thematically, it makes sense too. Think of it like a pellet gun (regular attack) versus a 50 caliber rifle (circular strike).
  20. @Roolz @Ken Et al: Unfortunately, our OL with the longest experience is digging in on this subject of Sacrifice. He states: Only if you want to make it easier on the heroes, which it seems some people would like to do. Take a valuable tool away from the Overlord, and make it easier for the heroes. It seems one designer supports it, I don't, as the company itself would have included it in errata. Which hasn't happen yet. So, what you are saying is if a foot soldier stands in the way for leader/hero it still cuts through him, and still gets the leader hero. Then there is no use for sacrifice. It shaves a couple hits off a major attack. It's a provision area attack, only if you get thru the first meat shield, or point of attack. Yes it is taking it away. I will agree it will greatly throw the balance in favor the heroes in situations. It will strip the Overlord the ability to protect his main boss. I would attack a guard kill them all in one sweep, no more protection, everyone else kills boss. A useless skill for the Overlord, balance in play is shot. Again, you cut threw minions first, with circular strike since they can't defend each other, leaving boss bare of any protection, making a useless skill for the minion. Boss can now be killed as you please. All other minions like bowman can't be protected, useless skill. I hold with you both, but you can see what I'm contending with. Any other thoughts? Do we need one of the authors or original designers on this? Thank you all for your time, help, and indulgence.
  21. @Ken, @Roolz Thanks for your responses on Sacrifice. Every time this skill and its application has come up in scenarios, regardless of who was playing, the OL at the time interpreted as that *one* character with Sacrifice could absorb ALL the damage, regardless of the type of strike or attack. I, myself, have questioned that without prevailing, and you can imagine, having to kill every last single Bossonian Guard -- or whoever has that skill -- one at a time, regardless of how many hit points you can bring to bear, is well, a BEAR. 😉 And a very long, protracted battle. I also believe that it's thematic (and has verisimilitude) if a minion can sacrifice himself for a superior/retainer/henchmen, but rather fatuous to use that to protect another minion, or a whole band of them. This ain't Beau Geste 😉 Thanks, again, gents!
  22. I agree with Roolz on this. Sacrifice is basically a meat shield. A big circular swing can slice through the meat shield AND the target (and anything else nearby if the swing is big enough).
  23. Disclaimer : I haven't played this campaign yet, only helped proofreading the FR version. For what it's worth, here's how I interpret the section: #1- One hero can search any room, by performing a complex manipulation, difficulty 1. Lock-picking skill not allowed. Thieves' tools (custom equipment at the end of the booklet) not allowed. By the way, the Lockpicking kit in scenario 1 should read Thieves' tools. Everything else allowed, including adding dice up to exertion limit, and reroll. #2- If the roll succeeds, the secret passage is here ; if not, heroes have to search another room. Not sure I fully understand the above, but that's how I play Sacrifice : With a regular attack, one single dude can absorb all damage of said attack, indeed. But if one of the heroes has Circular Strike skill, he can kill several dudes with 1 attack, even if they have Sacrifice (remaining damage still goes to another dude after the sacrificed one). Area attacks (Lighting storm, Explosive orb, etc) work as well. Maybe it could helps killing the guards & archers faster ?
  24. Also, I'm curious how everyone interprets this section: Find a secret passage : A Hero must succeed on a complex Manipulation roll (difficulty 1, without the thieves' tools or skill bonus) to determine whether or not there is a secret passage in a room. Use the secret trap token. Chests : simple Manipulation. 1 grappling hook (essential to descend into the pit). It's clear that Ageera must be killed and drop the key in the area she dies, which (not "she") opens the red door to get to the chest to get to the grappling hook to be able to descend. The question is, do the Heroes search just that room for the secret passage from that point, or any room? Cannot they not just add Manipulation dice or reroll in a room?
  25. As @Roolz has encouraged me to share my questions with the group, here goes. (I generally keep questions with the developer private out of respect.) Once again, congratulations to Nesh-Shogta on completing such a imaginative and artistic campaign of large scope and length. By way of introduction I'm part of a group that often play tests for Ken Myri, Dan Mauric, and Matt Sullivan -- not to drop names but to give you an idea of our experience level. We are a team of retired and active military (combat soldiers) and myself, a long time combatant in martial arts, so we bring all that knowledge and experience of combat with us into the game. We have been known to surprise the designers with our all-in, combat team approach, bringing tactics like bounding overwatch into it. Sometimes we're the ones surprised, as we have been with several of the scenarios in this campaign, which we have been able to win, sometimes on replay, but only by the skin of our teeth. (We had started with the original version, have shifted to 2.1) On this latest one, 6 - Kushite Hunters, we have not yet been able to find a winnable solution for the Heroes. We've played through it twice, and walked through it a 3rd time and a 4th time, but couldn't find a convincing way to kill Ageera to get the key to open the red door. Perhaps we're missing something? We first tried evading the patrol on its initial rounds and then engaging the Kushites, but couldn't dispatch enough of the Kushites in time to get to Ageera, because three of them can bodyguard him with Sacrifice and a good set of hit points and then the patrol reappeared who all have Sacrifice, so Ageera was able to flee the quickly overwhelmed heroes (all the Bossonian Guards having Sacrifice.) We tried defeating the guard first, but because again they each have Sacrifice, they could Sacrifice for each other and no sweeping actions or multiple attacks at once would work. (Not to mention that the OL has a strong gem reserve, with an equally strong recovery rate to defend attacks.) Did you intend for them not to be able to Sacrifice for each other, as one of them at a time can absorb all the attacks into himself? There are 8 of to defeat, along with the Archers and Othryades (who’s no pushover), and regardless of which angle or vantage point we approached it from, before the Kushites emerge, the heroes were pretty spent and still haven't dispatched all the guards, archers, and Othryades. Then, again, Ghayour, Shafiah, and N'gora all have Sacrifice and a lot of hit points before Ageera can even be touched, and he can soon sprint away once any number of the guard show up with their Sacrifice, too, and the Heroes are so encumbered by the mass they can’t catch and dispatch him for the key. What are we missing in this ingeniously constructed scenario which we find way overmatched for the heroes with the number of characters with Sacrifice and the time constraints, please?
  26. @Finbar I’d suggest you ask questions directly here, answers might be useful to others 😊
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