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  2. Cleanup on isle 3!
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  4. In french version that said: "La Navigation n’est possible qu’une fois par tour, par zone et par figurine." that means: "Navigation is only possible once per turn, by zone and by model." So Conan can do once per turn and Shevatas do the same (if he is isn't the Conan's area). That means: one turn maximum 2 moves. D'
  5. http://monolithedition.com/download/Conan/Rulebook/Conan_Solo-Rules.pdf Here you can find the rules. This is ENG version, but also there is ITA =)) and, of couse, FRA. Enjoy! D'
  6. How does one run the Overlord in solo/co-op?
  7. Belit should at least have the ornamental shield. I played my first game. Overlord turn: Bossonian archers shoot. 5 shots that I tried to parry with all the gems at my disposal (6), number of total wounds 9. Game over. Maybe with the shield ... Or maybe with Sacrifice... Let me try... Edit. After the first game. Okay, the feeling after the first game is that the scenario is balanced. The Heroes killed Zaporavo in their third turn, while Skuthus had turned into a demon (it should be specified in the scenario's rules that when he transforms himself, he is in fact considered dead or otherwise the victory conditions for the Heroes setup better). D'
  8. Hello Everyone? I need your help. This year I am organizing the Batman theme Halloween Party for my friends and neighbors. I have already purchased many decoration items and my costume from Halloween coupons but now I want to decorate my backyard also. So I need decoration items suggestions. Waiting for your reply!
  9. Still being lazy about finishing basing.
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  11. On BGG, an italian user has done a full conversion of the old "Furor Sanguinis" expansion, for Claustro 1643. There's everything (rules, scenarios, sheets, tokens, etc., including modern layout) Except the big lizard mini, of course (but can be easily proxied). In english, there : https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/208431/furor-sanguinis-expansion
  12. Conan Schede Aiuto Abilità View File La traduzione in italiano delle Skill Game Aids contenute nella scatola base. The complete Italian translation of the Skill Game Aids contained in the core box. D' Submitter pensareadaltro Submitted 09/15/2020 Category Rules  
  13. Version 1.0.0

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    La traduzione in italiano delle Skill Game Aids contenute nella scatola base. The complete Italian translation of the Skill Game Aids contained in the core box. D'
  14. I will pick a hard PC case with a ton of cushioning. On the off chance that you are simply attempting to shield your journal from getting dusty, at that point a modest sack will play the best. In the event that you utilize your PC exclusively at home and you are hoping to hold it like new for quite a long time, modest PC packs will be an astonishing decision. https://adamtrade.net/
  15. The greater part of these modest PC sacks are created of materials like ballistic nylon. On the off chance that you go for modest ones, ensure that the pack has delicate pads. On the off chance that it doesn't have pads on the internal compartment, you will deliver small checks outwardly of your PC. As time goes on, these little scratches will store up and the completion of the PC will be dull and these scratches will seriously diminish the resale esteem. https://adamtrade.net/
  16. I call upon Crom and Set to give me the strength.
  17. Here is my Thog. I'm hooked on painting and my wife is getting down too. How do you get the slimy effect is that glossy varnish? Do I have to buy some of that?
  18. Wow you are awesome. May your blade be always true as you smite your enemies.
  19. Nesh-Shogta


  20. Barbi


    I have bought the game partially painted and enjoyed my only play on it but mainly because I love the comics 😄 If you want some inspiration for painting, Madcollector has done a stunning job on it https://the-overlord.com/index.php?/topic/2129-ks-terminé-hellboy-par-mantic/page/5/
  21. Info from the author of the campaign : "I am Nesh-Shogta. User Clavain is doing a translation right now, I will start to make a proper design ASAP. Hopefully, the english version will be released in mid october.Thanks for your interest."
  22. Still need to do some basing, but I'm getting there.
  23. MartinThorold


  24. Neat character! It could be use in many games.
  25. What if someone translated it and then someone else put it in the proper format like with the graphics and so forth. It would be a shame not to conserve how awesome the layout of the entire project is. I could probably do some translations on my days off. Thoughts?
  26. When I translate stuff from EN to FR, I first use an online translator, this gives a not-so-stellar result (OK, crappy 🙂), but it's super quick and enough to help me getting started. I guess that from FR to EN , one can proceed +/- the same way.
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