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Worthless Objects - Equipment Cardset 1.1

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About This File

Dozens of new objects to add to your Equipment or Treasure Deck. Mostly worthless, but worth a big laugh...


PDF FILE: Deck of Worthless Objects (for Conan_Monolith) (v1.1 2018)   New version - see download below!!



Bored of empty chests or rules that only say that your recently opened chest is empty? Or is the Campaign you play too easy because all the heroes acquired valuable items during the 1st and 2nd scenario? Well here are some cards to make a Treasure Chest deck, full of worthless and mostly useless objects. But they are worth a laugh and therefore - maybe - even priceless. Off course you have to add some serious stuff to the treasure deck also.

On the other hand ... some worthless objects can be throwned to a specific target. Although they shatter easely, these worthless objects aren't useless entirely.






Rules for Worthless Equipment Cards

These cards are essentially designed for treasure chests or token rewards.
I wanted to make the rules for the cards as simple as possible.

Objects without a range token, with encumbrance 0, can be used as empty chest items.
They are utterly useless and worthless, but they are worth a laugh off course.

Equipment cards with a ranged symbol can be thrown to another miniature (plastic model) or to an object (if the scenario has one specified). Throwing an object works like throwing a knife or axe; with the following rules:
1) Before throwing,  name the object you want to hit; you can only target 1 object (usually a miniature)
2) Broken flask symbol: The object can only be used once. As soon as it is thrown, it shatters when hitting a target (or when missed: it shatters on the ground or the floor).
3) Numbered Ranged symbol: the black and white ranged symbol means the maximum range. Example: the Stygian Chamber Pot has a range of 1. It can be thrown in your own area, or in any adjacent areas with a clear line of sight. It cannot be thrown into an area which is 2 spaces away from you (dont count your own area).

Normal hindering rules for ranged attacks applies.

Rules uitleg.jpg




YOU FOUND ME! This cardset can be used together with the Worthless Objects - Equipment card set (designed for Conan Monolith). You can use these cards for specific scenario rules, e.g. find the princess, find a key, find the sword/treasure/man etc. 


You can use the 'You Found Me' cards in various ways. For example, in the beginners scenario 'In the Clutches of the Picts', it works as follows:


1. Static placement
For the 'In the Clutches of the Picts' scenario, place the numbered marks on the gameboard, as shown in the setup diagram.

Now, make a Worthless Object - Equipment deck of at least 7 cards, or more if you want some random variety (in this scenario, Pict camp, it is suggested to add several Pictish objects). Don't add ranged cards with the shatter symbol for official scenarios, since it can unbalance the scenario (If you want to use some one-time-only Worthless Objects with the shatter symbol, you have to tweek the scenario).  Shuffle the deck without looking at the cards, and draw seven cards. These cards resembles 7 random token numbers. Now add the Princess (or another card with the text: you found me). Shuffle the deck again and lay them in a row next to the gameboard, each card adjacent to another, with the backside up (you cant see the objects). After this, place on each card a number marker, the same amount and the same numbers which are on the gameboard. As soon as you enter a hut, remove the number marker from the gameboard and draw a Worthless Equipment card with the same number marker. Did you find the princess or just some 'dust and dead flies'?

2. Random placement

Same as above, but place 8 shield-style tokens in the huts, numbers are not needed). Shuffle the deck. As soon as you enter a hut, remove the token and draw a card from the Worthless Equiment deck. Find your Princess -- ahh ... You found me!

Random placement Variant: make a deck of 7 cards, 1 card is the Cimmerian beer mug, the rest is your own choice, but no other ranged-single use cards may be added to the deck (or tweak the scenario and add more single use ranged objects to the deck; in that case the Overlord may regenerate more gems in the Book of Skelos...). After you have succesfully entered 2 huts, shuffle the princess card into the deck. In this way, you cannot find the princess in the first two huts. Less luck, more skill, more fun!



Pictish Piece of Art.jpgScreenshot_2018-03-22_03-06-32.jpg




What's New in Version 1.1   See changelog


All cards fitted on 2 pdf sheets, added also 1 extra double sided sheet with search objects (You found me)


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