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    Rulebook - Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5

    Question: In the battle examples, there is no case of a die being set aside in the first assault to be used in the 2nd assault for a +1. Is this no longer possible? The rules only refer to the 5s created during the 1st assault, and to the blank dice being removed, and have nothing to say about dice which cannot be turned into 5s but are not blank.
  2. Regarding Ragnarok: The one thing I want most is a Bifrost map. And, of course: Ymir's Corpse map. I'd expect a good number of non-human troops. What about things like Yggdrasil and Naglfar? Would those be divinities, or maybe something like "neutral" units that you put in play for certain scenarios? Heroes: I was wondering about that - Greek heroes are so much better known that most Norse heroes in general; but JohanBerg has cool examples indeed up there.
  3. We have this in the divinity cards, right?
  4. I think a new god pledge with the two main boxes would probably sell really well. I see Hera, Poseidon, Hephaistos as the core expansions; their availability should be a priority, probably followed by Titans. Trojan War, Oedipus&Sphinx, Manticore, Hell Judges, Echidna's Children are all good and well, but not really required for play. (I say that as somebody who didn't get them all.) I cannot tell about Corinthia/Ketos. The Books - where there ever PDF versions? If not, and if you want to do right by earlier backers, offer a PDF of each item as well this time around and give it to the people who got the books during the first KS for free. Thermopylae: I think it was a mistake to put water on the back; that should have been the rock pools. Maybe do that. Terrain Set, Dice, Clips, ... I think they'd sell. If you had stuff up the sleeve that wasn't unlocked during the KS and could quickly be produced, go for it, put it out there.

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