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  1. Satya


  2. Satya


    Apologies, I was off for a while (became daddy for a 2nd time and forgot about this post). I'm native French speaker living in Brussels, Belgium - but speak several other languages. I'm not French though but Belgian :) .
  3. Satya

    GenCon50: Conan

    I have already everything, so it means I'll go for the book of set ! Marked in my calendar :)
  4. Satya


    Hi Guys, I'm speaking French and also English fluently - Happy that this forum exists, even if it's a bit quiet at the moment - at least it has the merit to be there. It's only up to us all to make it a living place ... I have a group of expat's boardgamers, and we play all types of games - including Conan - and I'll be happy to send some folks over :) Cheers, Satya
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