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  1. You mention a remaining 400 copies of compendium 1. So does that mean that there is a chance you will send me the first compendium that I paid shipping for but never received?
  2. As someone who has thus far supported this company by purchasing "Everything Conan". I find this deeply disturbing. The only message we can send is to vote with our wallets.
  3. WTF? Seriously? So, I have no idea if they ever shipped or did not ship to me as I have no shipping notice or tracking number, they have accepted my payment for shipping and now the answer is, "bad luck, it must be lost"? That is complete bull.
  4. Hey, just catching up here. I'm among those that never received a copy of the Tome I but paid for shipping. Again, I hate to complain about something that was essentially free but I did pay for shipping at least. Am I to understand that this is not actually going to be fulfilled?
  5. Interesting that there are two more compendiums coming out. this is great, however; I paid for shipping on the first compendium and still have not received it. Have those been sent out, should I be contacting someone about it missing?
  6. Also still waiting. Excited to get it, hope it did not get lost.
  7. First, thank you for continuing support for the game! However; I pledged the shipping cost via Fluent for the 1st ed English version of the compendium but still have not received it. I am in the US. Should it have arrived yet?
  8. pirateclem


    Hey Ya'll from Bourbon country! I think Crom would approve.
  9. pirateclem


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