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  1. Good evening everyone, If anyone is interested in trying out Mythic Battles: Pantheon in Upstate NY I will be conducting a demo session at Serenity Hobbies in Oneonta on June 9th from 1PM-5PM. If you or anyone you know is in the area and interested in attending please let them know and direct them to visit the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/922492881264443/?active_tab=discussion
  2. I've been thinking about what Ragnarok might hold and made up this tentative list. I'll probably edit it as I read up more, for example I'd like to replace some of the Lodbrook "themed" characters but think this is an ok starter list if there is expected parity with Pantheon's current roster. Type: Name: Description God Thor God of thunder, RED haired, strongest of the gods. Essentially confirmed by concept art teaser. Mjolnir and thunder God Odin King of the gods, wisest god, one eye. Gungnir God Loki Trickster god, Odin’s blood brother God Frigg Queen of the gods, foresight, earth goddess God Tyr One handed, War god God Frey Fertility god, Vanir, Fire sword or Antler God Freyja Fertility goddess, Vanir, love, beauty, cloak of feathers God Balder Light and sun god, handsome, loved by all God Heimdall Watchman god, foresight, Gjallarhorn God Skadi Jotun, Winter, bowhunting God Njord Sea god, wind, great feet God Hel Ruler of Hel, half beautiful women half corpse God Sif Earth goddess, Thor’s wife, golden hair God Bor* Odin’s father God Ve * Odin’s brother, creator God Villi* Odin’s brother, creator God Mimir Beheaded god, wisdom God Ymir* Primordial frost giant, could be massive like titans or used as another monster God Hermod Messenger god God Idun Eternal youth bestower, golden apples Monster Fenrir Monstrous wolf, chained, ate Tyr’s hand Monster Nidhogg Dragon, chews Yggdrasil’s roots and corpses Monster Jormagundar World Serpent, gigantic, poisonous Monster Surtr Fire Giant (demon?), “bright” sword, kills Frey Monster Sleipnir 8-Legged horse, steed of Odin Monster Gulinbursti Frey’s Boar, Metallic, glowing Monster Fafnir Cursed Dragon, greedy Monster Audumbla Primeval Cow Monster Drauger Shape changing, sea zombie Monster Garmr Wolf guardian to Hel, bloodstained Monster The Norns “fates,” giantesses Monster Lindworm Dragon/snake with only front legs Monster Fire Giant … Monster Frost Giant … Monster Troll … Monster Ogre … Monster Vaettir Nature spirits who guard specific places Monster Vordr Warden spirits protect the soul Monster Skoll Warg that chases the sun Monster Hati Warg that chases the moon Monster Utgardloki Sly giant that challenges Thor and Loki Monster Hyrrokkin Giantess, rides giant wolf with snake reins Monster Thiazi Giant, shapeshifts into eagle Monster Ran Sea giantess, friendly with gods Monster Kraken … Monster Thrym Jotnar king, stole Mjolnir Monster Volva Norse Shaman, thought to be very powerful Monster Huldra Forest spirit. “succubus” Monster Marmennill Prophetic mermen Monster Jotun A giant Monster Beowulf’s Dragon Gold hoarding, winged Monster Grendel “Demon”, swamp dwelling, cannibalistic Monster Grendel’s Mother Like Grendel, bigger, female Monster Aegir Sea Jotun, friends with Aesir Monster Ratatoskr* Squirrel runs up and down Yggdrasil Monster Hrym Jotun ship captain that brings giants for Ragnarok Monster Valravn Supernatural raven, half bird half wolf Hero Sigurd The Dragon slayer, mostly invincible, can speak to birds Hero Brynhildir Shieldmaiden or Valkyrie, bower surrounded with flames, Andvaranaut Hero Pjalfi Hero Sigmund Sigurd’s father, shattered sword from Odin battle Hero Skirnir Freyr’s messenger, has Freyr’s flaming sword Hero Gunnar Harp, friend of Sigurd Hero Gudrun Scheming, prophetic, seductive? Hero Brokk Son of Ivaldi, dwarf, bellows worker Hero Eitri Son of Ivaldi, dwarf magic blacksmith Hero Fjalar Dwarf murderer, killed Kvasir to make mead of poetry Hero Galar ^Fjalar’s brother and accomplice Hero Magni Thor’s son, “Brave” Hero Modi Thor’s son, “Great” Hero Thrud Thor’s daughter, Valkyrie, serves ale to Einherjar Hero Starkad Cursed by Odin, some accounts 8-handed giant who fought with 4 swords, commited evil deeds Hero Bodvar Shape changer, werebear? Hero Arngrim Berserker war-chief Hero Sigrun Valkyrie, Helgi’s lover Hero Styrbjorn “the strong”, violent warrior Hero Otr Shape changer, Otter form Hero Regin Sly, conniving dwarf Hero Hamthir Son of Gudrun, impervious to iron and steel Hero Randgrrd Valkyrie Hero Olrun Valkyrie Hero Ragnar Historical/mythical Viking leader Hero Alviss Dwarf, who was promised Thor’s daughter in marriage, turned to stone, “wise” Hero Ubba Ragnar’s son Hero Sigurd Snake in Eye ^ Hero Hvitserk ^ Hero Halfdan ^ Hero Bjorn Ironsides ^ Hero Ivar Boneless ^ Hero Beowulf Geat king, super strong, Hrunting Hero Wiglaf Weagmunding, loyal retainer to Beowulf Hero Aslaug Sigurd’s daughter, Ragnar’s third wife, beautiful, harp player, magic user? Hero Hriedmarr Great magician, murdered by his sons for ring Hero Volund Smith, cunning elf Hero Helgi Reincarnated 3 times, Warrior Hero Sorli Son of Gudrun, impervious to iron and steel Troops Dwarves .. Troops Dark Elves … Troops Light Elves … Troops Viking Raiders … Troops Warriors of Hel Dishonored dead Troops Valkyries Warrior women, gatherers of the slain Troops Einherjar Exalted dead, fight in Valhalla Troops Berserkers … Troops Tanngrinnir & Tanngnjoster Thor’s Goats Troops Huginn & Muninn Odin’s Ravens Troops Volsungs Followers of Sigurd’s family Troops Hundings Warrior clan “wolves” Troops Geats Beowulf’s men Troops Shieldmaidens …. Troops Yggrasil Stags Symbolic deer that eat Yggdrasil leaves Troops Geri & Freki Odin’s Wolves Troops Disir Protective female spirits of clans Troops Varangian Guard Norse who served as oath bound honor guard in Byzantium, possibly due to loss of master? (“The Wanderer”) Troops Saami Fought Arngrim, Magic-users, semi-nomadic Troops Huskarls Body guards
  3. Very cool to get more material for just the price of shipping Monolith! Sign me up
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